I didn't give up on pro play because every loss taught me something valuable. I learned a lot from my seven years in Korea, even with a low win rate of 35%. I focused on learning from my losses to improve.

This story recounts the inspirational journey of professional League of Legends player, UMTI. His perseverance and determination is a lesson for all young esports players globally.

The Story Begins

Every gamer's story starts somewhere - a bedroom, a basement, a local gaming cafe. For Kim ‘UMTI’ Yeong-sun, his began in the bustling esports scene of South Korea. As a young professional, he dived headfirst into the world of competitive gaming, pursuing a career in League of Legends (LoL) as a jungler. However, the path was far from smooth.

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Early Struggles

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UMTI's first foray into esports came in 2016 with the Rising Star Gaming team. Initial successes were limited, and UMTI struggled to find his footing. The following year, he joined the Jin Air Green Wings (JAG), a team renowned for its defensive strategies. But once again, UMTI's overall performance fell short of expectations.

Challenges in the Big Leagues

As a player for JAG, UMTI faced a considerable challenge: competing against more experienced and skilled opponents. Despite trying his best and putting in hours of practice, his performance never matched up to that of his peers or the anticipated standard. The team's defensive style further stunted his development as an aggressive jungler.

A Career in Jeopardy

By 2018, UMTI's fortunes hadn’t improved. After several lackluster displays, criticisms came pouring in. Individuals from within the esports industry and the gaming community began to question his abilities and potential in the professional League of Legends circuit. The pressure was building, and so were the doubts.

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The Road to Redemption

Despite the pressure and continuous criticism, UMTI chose to persevere. Instead of allowing the negative voices to drown him, he used them as motivation. He embraced his struggles and started working harder, committing his soul to the game and his dream of becoming a respected player in the League of Legends pro scene.

A Journey Westward

In pursuit of his dreams, UMTI sought a fresh start, which led him West. He moved to LA, joining Team Liquid Academy in 2019. This change in scenery provided UMTI with an opportunity to grow, forge new bonds, and learn from a diverse pool of talent across the globe.

The Reinvention

In LA, surrounded by a new team and an unfamiliar environment, UMTI began to reinvent himself. His new coach understood his aggressive playstyle, and rather than suppressing it, they nurtured it. UMTI embraced his strengths and unique style of play, leading him to greater frontiers.

The Breakthrough

His commitment to improvement soon started to show on the gaming stage. He exhibited a remarkable higher level of performance, gaining recognition from the global community. As the season went on, UMTI's performance improved consistently, proving his detractors wrong game after game.

Joining the Elite

UMTI's performance didn't go unnoticed. His remarkable evolution from an under-performing player to a confident Jungle led Team Liquid to promote him to the organization's main roster. This recognition was an affirmation of his hard work, perseverance, and resilience against adversity.

A New Chapter

Joining Team Liquid's main roster marked the beginning of a new chapter in UMTI's career. He had finally achieved what he set out for – a recognition of his talent and efforts in the world of competitive esports. But his journey wasn't over, it was just the beginning of his ascend to greater heights.

A Proving Ground

On this prestigious platform, UMTI proved himself as a force to be reckoned with. He faced top global esports teams, holding his own against highly skilled opponents. His aggressive jungler style began causing problems for opponents, cementing his place as one of the most promising talents in League of Legends.

The Unending Journey

Despite the success, UMTI didn't let complacency set in. He was aware that the road ahead was still filled with numerous challenges. There was always room for improvement, new strategies to learn, and fresh obstacles to overcome. This understanding kept UMTI grounded, even amidst the applause and recognition.

UMTI's Legacy

UMTI's story serves as an inspiration to younger players. After overcoming a challenging start and adapting to an entirely new environment, he has now reached a remarkable position in the competitive world of esports. It's not the end, however; it's still a growing legacy and will continue evolving.

Lessons Learned

Through his experience, UMTI offers several lessons for aspiring esports enthusiasts. His story tells us that facing adversity and learning from it is crucial in achieving personal and professional growth. Most importantly, it emphasizes never giving up, no matter how great the odds.

The Power of Perseverance

One important takeaway from UMTI's journey is the power of perseverance. His story shows that no setback is too big to overcome if you're willing to put in the hard work. UMTI’s unwavering commitment to his passion is evidence that determination can indeed move mountains.

Remaining Resilient

Another lesson from UMTI's story is resilience. Facing criticisms and doubts, UMTI chose to rise above and prove his worth. This resilience not only allowed him to survive but thrive in the competitive world of League of Legends, making his journey profoundly inspiring.

A Bright Future

UMTI's future in the world of League of Legends holds immense promise. His journey thus far has prepared him for even greater challenges, and he is ready for them. With unyielding determination and fierce ambition, UMTI's career is expected to keep breaking new ground.

A Source of Inspiration

In the esports world, where young talents often get lost amidst competition and pressure, UMTI's story stands out. He's a constant reminder that setbacks and failures don't define us; how we respond to them does. His story is a testament to the human spirit's resilience, teaching us that we can overcome adversity with dedication and perseverance.


In conclusion, UMTI's journey encapsulates the essence of what it takes to make it big in the esports world. The challenges he faced, the setbacks he overcame, and the resilience he showed is an inspiration to all. His story encourages us to believe in ourselves, work hard, and never give up on our dreams, no matter what the odds may be.