How to Briar: A Guide to League of Legends Tactics

Learn the art of Briar in League of Legends with this comprehensive guide to tactics and strategies.


League of Legends offers a wide range of strategies and tactics for players to explore. One such tactic that has gained attention is the Briar technique. This article will provide a detailed understanding of Briar and how it can be effectively utilized in gameplay.

Understanding Briar

Briar is a strategic maneuver where players take advantage of the surrounding environment to gain an edge over their opponents. It involves utilizing bushes, trees, and other forms of cover to hide from sight, set up ambushes, and deceive enemies.

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Implementing Briar Tactics

When implementing Briar tactics, it is crucial to understand the map and identify key locations with an abundance of cover. Bushes are the primary tool for utilizing Briar, as they provide an effective way to remain hidden.

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Here are some key tips to keep in mind when using Briar:

  • Map Awareness: Stay aware of the surrounding bushes and their locations. Use them to move around undetected and set up surprise attacks.
  • Control Vision: Ensure you control vision in areas with bushes. Placing wards in strategic locations will grant you valuable information on enemy movements.
  • Deception: Use Briar to deceive your opponents. Pretend to retreat into a bush and then surprise them with a sudden turn of events.


Briar is a powerful tactic that can turn the tides of battle in League of Legends. Mastering its implementation requires practice and understanding of the surrounding environment. By effectively utilizing Briar, players can gain the upper hand and outmaneuver their opponents.