Goldenglue will join 100 Thieves as a coach.

A rise in the coaching career of Greyson 'GoldenGlue' Gilmer as he chooses 100 Thieves. Outlining the build-up, the implications, and what this new juncture may bring forward.

The eSports arena is full of surprises, and the latest one includes popular player Greyson 'GoldenGlue' Gilmer. Reports state that GoldenGlue is about to join the ranks of 100 Thieves. He comes with a rich history, a robust player profile, with his skills earning him a legendary status in the community.

GoldenGlue competently fills two roles, player and coach. The dual-headed spear phalanx he brings to the table unequivocally accelerates 100 Thieves' competitive powers. His best-known work was with Cloud9, where he revealed unmatched potential both as a player and paving his way eventually to coaching.

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GoldenGlue's journey started with his explosive performance in the North American League of Legends Challenger Series (NACS) 2014 Spring series. It was then that GoldenGlue flexed his player muscles demonstrating his sheer talent and adaptability that caught the gaming world's eye.

Goldenglue will join 100 Thieves as a coach. ImageAlt

His spectacular performance propelled him into a substitute mid-laner for Team Dignitas. This marked his initiation into the world of professional eSports, paving his path to his ascendancy to the Cloud9 management's attention.

Once with Cloud9, GoldenGlue's prowess was further amplified. Tasked with managing playing and coaching responsibilities, he took his skills, teamwork, and tactical understanding of the game to another level. His efforts contributed significantly towards keeping Cloud9 a formidable team.

Cloud9 regularly rose to peak statures during GoldenGlue's tenure, solidifying his reputation as an ingenious strategist. Simultaneously, he never missed any opportunity to demonstrate his prowess as an individual player.

The strategy and tactics articulated by GoldenGlue often saw Cloud9 emerging victorious in intense battles. These moments highlighted his excellence as a leader, enriching and enhancing the style of play throughout the team.

After his successful stint with Cloud9, the gaming community was rife with expectations about GoldenGlue's next move. The news about his decision to join 100 Thieves, thus, comes as a significant development in his eSports journey.

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100 Thieves, the relatively new eSports organisation, boasts an impressive team. With a steadfast ambition to make their mark on the global scene, recruiting GoldenGlue is indeed a strategic move. His expertise and experience allow the team to dial up their tactics, technique, and gameplay.

GoldenGlue's predecessor Zikz had an impressive success streak with the team. Zikz's tenure saw 100 Thieves win back-to-back League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in his first two years. The success undeniably set a bar for the new coach, and GoldenGlue is expected to carry forward and even surpass this legacy.

GoldenGlue's records and achievements make him an epic choice for the team. From spectacular personal gameplay to leading teams to victories, he is anticipated to bring more trophies to the showcase of 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves and their fans welcome GoldenGlue warmly and with high hopes. Knowing the magnitude of the expertise he brings, the gaming community is keenly looking forward to innovative strategies, spectacular gameplay, and more victories in the coming days.

The journey has been anything but easy for GoldenGlue. But he has a knack for tackling hurdles with ease and turning them into stepping stones. Thus, the transitioning from Cloud9 to 100 Thieves is not expected to be daunting for him.

Excellent leadership, meticulous planning, and hands-on experience form the hallmark of GoldenGlue's coaching profile. 100 Thieves team is looking forward to leveraging these skills to the fullest, imbibing his teachings to immerse into a more proficient gameplay style.

GoldenGlue's addition to 100 Thieves signifies an advancement towards achieving global domination in eSports. It endows the team with gravitas and could perhaps mark the start of a new era in the team's journey.

The gaming community will be carefully watching the synergy between GoldenGlue and 100 Thieves. With each game, every win, and every loss, the duo's chemistry will garner more attention, and fans are eager to see how this journey unfolds.

Summing up, the joining of GoldenGlue as a coach with 100 Thieves is a significant move in the eSports world. His history, experience, and unique skills are anticipated to add a new layer of excitement and viewer engagement for all matches involving 100 Thieves.

Greyson 'GoldenGlue' Gilmer's exciting step towards coaching with 100 Thieves could be just the fuel that the team needs to soar to new heights in the eSports arena. Only time will tell whether this union will alter the course of competitive eSports.