Fnatic’s LEC Finals victory heads to Worlds 2023, Oscarinin plays with injured hand

Despite suffering from a hand injury, Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Jiménez played in the LEC Finals match and contributed to Fnatic's victory. While he is set to undergo surgery, his teammate Wunder is projected to play throughout the remainder of the Season Finals.LEC Finals Recap

During the LEC Finals

During the LEC Finals, Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Jiménez of Fnatic competed against EXCEL while nursing a hand injury. He had kept his condition private until the completion of the match, which Fnatic won with a score of 3-2.

Oscarinin's Early Performance with Fnatic

Óscar's earlier performance with Fnatic didn't seem promising. He had to fill the gap left by Martin 'Wunder' Hansen, one of Europe's top players who had not been effective in the team. This meant he was stepping into a team that was in a descending trajectory, which was less than ideal.

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Overcoming Difficulties for the Victory

Regardless of these difficulties, Oscarinin made an impressive contribution to the victory, despite his injured hand. The series was crucial for Fnatic's progression in the season, and Oscarinin's effort managed to keep Fnatic in the tournament despite their tight schedule.

Fnatic’s LEC Finals victory heads to Worlds 2023, Oscarinin plays with injured hand ImageAlt

The Unveiling of Oscarinin's Injury

Following the victorious match series, Oscarinin made his injury public. Even while injured, he played four different champions in the five matches, a remarkable feat which included securing a Pentakill with Gwen. His performance played a key role in the outcomes of several tense teamfights, ultimately steering Fnatic towards victory.

Oscarinin's Upcoming Surgery and Team Change

Due to his hand injury, Oscarinin is set to undergo surgery and will not be able to participate in Fnatic's match against Team BDS scheduled for September 2. Filling his slot would be Wunder. This match is intended to decide the third seed for the LEC at Worlds 2023.

Fnatic's Win Over Team BDS

Despite Wunder's sudden induction into the team, Fnatic received a 3-2 win over Team BDS in a five-game series marked by high tension. While it is uncertain when Oscarinin will be able to return to play, it is likely that Wunder will continue to represent the team in the ongoing Season Finals matches.

Potential Representation at Worlds 2023

Depending on the state of Oscarinin's recovery, Wunder might also represent Fnatic at Worlds 2023. With their recent win against Team BDS, Fnatic's presence at Worlds appears more secure. Team BDS would have to secure a win against Golden Guardians in the Worlds Qualifying series to qualify for Worlds.