Fading Popularity of Nexus Blitz in League of Legends

This article examines the declining popularity of the Nexus Blitz game mode in Riot Games' League of Legends, as the mode approaches the end of its limited release.

Nexus Blitz is gaining the label of a “dead mode” among the League of Legends community. This is occurring as it approaches the end of its limited release, even though the players once avidly campaigned for it to be reintroduced into the game.

A much-loved limited-time game mode in League of Legends, Nexus Blitz provided a refreshing alternative from the regular map and gameplay. The mode is characterized by its random events and bonuses which both teams can compete for. Furthermore, a typical Nexus Blitz match is lengthier than an average League of Legends match.

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Nexus Blitz was first shared with players more than three years ago and players have been seeking its comeback ever since. There were instances when it seemed Riot Games had no plans of reintroducing the mode into the game. Nonetheless, the company broke the suspense in August when they announced the return of Nexus Blitz.

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Originally, the return was delayed; but eventually, the mode was reintroduced with Patch 13.12. As before, the mode is not a permanent feature and its stay on the Riot Games client is scheduled to conclude on November 27.

As we enter the waning days of the mode's life, a number of League players are pronouncing it a dead mode. They have openly shared their experiences of playing the mode at the moment and most of them echo the sentiment of “Nexus Blitz is a dead mode already.”

Negative Reception for Nexus Blitz

The majority of the replies to these posts seem to concur with this feeling. Numerous players argued that the events appear arbitrary and can fast become tiresome after a few games.

In fact, some players grew weary of the mode when they had to repeatedly participate in objectives spawned in the enemy jungle. Others were critical of the rewards, labeling them “poor” or “lacking.”

A section of players attributed the mode’s lack of success to Riot. They believe that the developers’ failure to make any modifications from the previous version contributed to its downfall.

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“Because Riot didn’t change anything from the last time, that’s why,” said one such disgruntled player. This statement resonated with many players in the community who thought along similar lines.

Future Prospects for Nexus Blitz

Once Nexus Blitz is retired and returned to the Riot vault, it remains to be seen how the players will react. There could be a possibility of the players demanding its return again after a while, craving a respite from the ranked grind.

However, these speculations are yet to be confirmed. No matter how things unfold, it is clear that the excitement surrounding Nexus Blitz has faded significantly among League of Legends players, leading them to dub it as a “dead mode” for now.