Comedic Inspiration Behind Gangplank’s Ultimate in Upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Revealed

The Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics shares the unexpected inspiration behind the nautical twist in Gangplank's ultimate ability for the upcoming Set 9.5.Teamfight Tactics Update

The Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog Discloses an Amusing Backstory

The Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog has disclosed an amusing backstory to the nautical-flavored ultimate skill of the character Gangplank in the upcoming Set 9.5.

The Upcoming Update for Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is primed to launch the mid-set update titled 'Runeterra Reforged.' This update named 'Teamfight Tactics: Horizonbound' expands the game universe with two new regions for players to explore. It also introduces new units, traits, and gameplay elements.

Introduction of Bilgewater and Gangplank

One of the avant-garde regions is Bilgewater, a swashbuckling pirate haven that plays an influential role in Horizonbound. Gangplank, the fearless captain, is leading the ensemble.

A New Unit: Gangplank

One highlight of the new set is the introduction of Gangplank as a 5-cost unit. His ultimate is a jaw-dropping ship attack that barrages into his enemies. It deals significant damage and invigorates allies within the effect radius. The intriguing origins behind this visually impressive move are somewhat surprising though.

Gangplank's Versatility

High-cost units like Gangplank often possess abilities that have a significant impact on battle outcomes. Gangplank is no exception. His versatility allows him to be effective as either a frontliner or a backliner. He can also use his gun at a range or engage in melee combat up close. His ultimate involves summoning the Dreadway to crash into enemies, bestowing buffs to allied units in its path.

The Inspiration Behind the Dreadway

Players were intrigued by the creativity behind this skill. However, the inspiration behind it is simpler than one might expect. Apparently, a developer's love for sailing led to the inclusion of the ship in Gangplank's animations.

The Lead TFT developer Mortdog explained how Dreadway was influenced by Sam, the set lead. Sam was taking sailing lessons and keenly proposed the addition of a boat to the game. Mortdog shed light on this by saying, "The real inspiration is Sam, our set lead was taking sailing lessons. And he was like ‘I want to add a boat.’ That’s the actual story. Sam the set lead, taking sailing lessons, wanted to add a boat."

Looking Forward

Looking forward, Horizonbound is set to launch on live servers with Patch 13.18, which is scheduled for the release on September 13, 2023.