Why is this still here, but not lightsabers?

This article explores the passionate debate on game modifications, specifically the removal of light sabers in Fortnite and why some enthusiasts are in favor of this change. It touches upon character mechanisms, strategic gameplay, and players' preferences influencing game design elements.

The Undying Debate on Gaming Modifications:

Light sabers, a striking feature in Fortnite, have elicited a spirited debate from game enthusiasts. An intriguing discussion has arisen - Should the developers have left light sabers as part of the battle, or was their removal a sound design choice?

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Light sabers entered the Fortnite scene as part of a crossover promotion with Star Wars in December 2019. Their inclusion offered gamers a novel combat tool that fundamentally changed gameplay strategies.

Why is this still here, but not lightsabers? ImageAlt

Yet, the fan-favorite weapon was discarded when the promotional event ended, leaving a question amongst enthusiasts -Why are some features retained but not the beloved light sabers?

Exploring the Light Saber Mechanism:

Gameplay mechanism matters to playing enthusiasts, and the light sabers were no exception. With this tool at their disposal, Fortnite players could deflect bullets, something most other weapons in the game didn't allow.

These sabers offered 150HP damage for a melee attack, transforming an ordinary infantryman into an almost invincible warrior. No wonder these tools were quickly embraced by players, making its removal a notable point of contention.

There was a unique feeling when facing opponents armed with automatic weapons while brandishing a magnificent light saber. The thrill and tension evoked by this setup simply can't be overstated.

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The Reason for the Removal:

Despite the enthusiasm for these swashbuckling tools, the consequence of their design caused a lot of frustrations in combats.

The problem stemmed from their balancing issues. Sabers were seemingly overpowered compared to other commonplace weapons, causing a dramatic shift in combat balance.

Blocking bullets made the player almost invulnerable, causing frustration for players on the receiving end. Add the damage caused by them, and the imbalance of this feature became obvious.

The Fortnite team decided to pull them out at the promotion's end to restore gameplay balance, though many expressed their nostalgia for the Star Wars weapons.

Fortnite's Stance on Weapons and Tools:

Analysing Fortnite's history, it becomes apparent that the design team isn't against alterations to game design and mechanics.

From the double pump to the beloved B.R.U.T.E, choices to remove, add or modify weapons, and utilities have occurred frequently. These decisions are typically based on feedback and the game's overall fairness and balance.

Weapons with overpowered features or those that tilt the gameplay balance are often hit with a nerf or removed outright, much like the light sabers.

Indeed, the withdrawal of light sabers can be seen in this tidy perspective of game balance, much to the chagrin of some players.

Should Light Sabers Have Been Preserved?

The dual fates of the light sabers and other elements pose this critical question – Why persist some features and not others?

Most players loved the light sabers, granting them a near-iconic status. They were not only a fun and intuitive defense mechanism, but they also brought a nostalgic Star Wars vibe to the Fortnite field.

However, in the face of grappling game balance issues, the inclusion of the light sabers had to be weighed against its impact on overall gameplay fairness.

Ultimately, what is key is the game's long-term health which hinges on security, balance, and fairness. Arguably, the Fortnite team's decision, although controversial, could be seen as a step toward maintaining these crucial elements.