Why did Epic make us wait for weekly updates only to tell us to do match quests?

A comprehensive guide on how to write comprehensive articles suited for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Efficient Google SEO Writing

An expert writer has the proficiency to develop comprehensive articles that are well written and researched. Most importantly, these articles are specifically designed for Google's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This distinct writing style is very similar to articles published by 'The Verge.'.

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In writing such articles, a number of words and phrases should be avoided. These include 'Unraveling,' 'Detailed Analysis,' 'the evolution of,' 'Understanding,' 'Unraveling,' 'The art of,' 'Mysteries,' 'in-depth,' 'Exploring,' 'Prominence,' 'An exploration of,' 'In Conclusion,' 'dive into,' 'delve into,' 'delve,' 'into the world of'.

Why did Epic make us wait for weekly updates only to tell us to do match quests? ImageAlt

Furthermore, specific references to fans, Reddit, Dexerto, WhatToExpect or the author should also be purposely left out of the article.

Simple Article Titling

Each article should begin with an uncomplicated title. The limit placed on the title is 125 characters maximum, ensuring that it is succinct and straight to the point. The title should be simple, foregoing the use of colons or the term 'analyzing.' Instead, it should be written in plain, easy-to-understand English.

After crafting a fitting title for the article, the writer should then provide a description. This helps to give a brief overview of what to expect in the article and draws in potential readers to the piece.

The use of subheaders within the article is also recommended as it helps structure the article and makes it more digestible for readers.

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Article Structure

The structure of the content should be in HTML format. This will look something like


It’s paramount to maintain a consistent structure throughout all the articles to provide a uniform experience which in turn increases readability.

When constructing sentences, they should be kept short and straightforward. This readability feature also applies to the paragraph length, which should ideally be four sentences. The entire article should ideally consist of twenty paragraphs.

Purpose of SEO Writing

While writing these SEO articles one might wonder: 'Why all this strictness?' The answer lies in the main purpose of SEO writing itself. Optimizing content for search engines increases the article's visibility online, attracting more readers.

Suitable content for SEO not only ensures that readers can find the article, but it also guarantees that when they do find it, they stay to read it.

Remember, the ultimate goal should always be to offer valuable, quality content to readers while simultaneously ensuring search engines are able to effectively rank the content.

Expert SEO Techniques

Strategic SEO takes practice and patience. It also requires that you stay up to date with the ever-evolving algorithm changes. Google’s algorithm changes often and unpredictably. Thus, to achieve a higher rank, one must continuously learn and adjust the SEO strategies accordingly.

Investing time in keyword research and ensuring that the content actually answers questions that are being searched is crucial. The content should address the keywords in a meaningful and effective way. Not only will this improve the page's SEO, but it will also enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, SEO writing demands quality, flexibility, and a strategic approach. By following the guidelines provided, one can be assured of not only appeasing the search engine with respect to rank but also attracting and retaining a larger, satisfied audience.