Which weapons won't you choose this season?

Exploring some of the weapons that have become less desirable to FortNite players in the current season due to various factors like firepower, accuracy, and speed.


Every season of FortNite brings a new dynamic to the game's weapon mechanics, altering the landscape and the arsenal choices of players. Certain weapons inevitably fall out of favor due to their decreased performance levels or strategic value compared to the newly introduced ones. This season is no exception, with some weapons receiving less preference and importance in the game.

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Shifting Preferences

Which weapons won

The shift in the popularity of weapons among players of FortNite is largely dictated by their playing styles and the nature of the game encounters. Close combats demand a different set of weapons compared to distant warfare, thus shaping the choices. However, this season has seen some weapons less appealing to the players.

One such weapon is the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, a long-standing favorite in the past seasons. With the absence of its trusty bolt-action feature and its significantly reduced firepower and stability, this weapon isn't as desirable as it once was.

The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, while still being a strong weapon, does not offer the same degree of power and accuracy to the users this season. Its impact on the battlefield has been noticeably decreased, hence its reduced preference.

The Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun, a common choice for close combats, has also seen a downward trend in its popularity. This might be due to its slower reload speed and reduced damage this season. Moreover, some players find other close-quarter weapons more appealing and versatile, leading to a shift away from the Tactical Shotgun.

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It's not to say that this weapon is now useless, but compared to other weapons in FortNite’s current inventory, it has lost some of its charm and appeal. The slower pace and reduced damage make it less effective in quick combats where speed and power matter the most.

While some players still swear by its effectiveness in certain scenarios, the majority of them have switched to weapons that offer more speed and damage, making this once-favorite a less popular choice this season.

The third weapon that seems to have lost its demand this season is the infamous Revolver. While legendary for its accuracy and damage in the past seasons, its reduced effectiveness and slower firing rate this season have rendered it less desirable.

The Revolver

Equipping the Revolver now comes with a risk as it has lesser accuracy and speed compared to other short-range weapons. Its slow firing rate is also a disadvantage in face-off situations as it provides an opportunity for enemy players to outmaneuver and attack.

Moreover, some players have found its slower mechanics hindering their offensive strategies. Hence, the Revolver has seen an apparent decrease in its popularity and usage.

A common theme among the less popular weapons this season is a decrease in speed, power, and the versatility of use. The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, and Revolver have all seen reductions in these attributes leading to their decreased desirability.

The Role of Polarity

It's worthwhile noting the polarity of opinions among players regarding these weapons. While some players have labeled these weapons as less effective and tend to avoid them, others still find them beneficial in certain situations and continue to incorporate them into their arsenals.

This polarity in player preference is normal in every gaming season as players continue to test and explore different strategies and combinations. This experimentation helps them to adeptly respond to the ever-evolving dynamics of the game.

In conclusion, the less popular weapons in the current season may have seen a decrease in their usage, but it does not ascertain their redundancy. It's a matter of personal playing style and strategy that determines the importance of a weapon in FortNite.

These trends and shifts in weapon usage provide deep insights into the evolving gameplay of FortNite and how the introduction of new elements in every season keeps the game fresh and exciting for the players.