Which skin, if added, would bankrupt you? Let me start.

This article examines hypothetical new skins in Fortnite that, due to their appeal, may lead dedicated players to spend excessively.

For many enthusiastic Fortnite players, the right skin can make all the difference. The impact is not only on the aesthetics of play, but also on the player's morale and sense of identity in the game.

Given the amount of user customization available in Fortnite, players become emotionally invested in their character's representation. Therefore, if Epic Games, the developers behind this famed battle royale game, were to release a new skin based on popular demand, it could lead some passionate players to spend way more than they usually would.

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A Hypothetical Skin that Could Break the Bank

Which skin, if added, would bankrupt you? Let me start. ImageAlt

For this thought experiment, let's consider a player who has an affinity for popular culture, particularly their favorite comic book character, Superman.

Much like how the skin of Marvel’s beloved superhero Thor was introduced in the game, the presence of a Superman skin could lead our player to make extravagant purchases out of fandom. These expenses will be extensive especially if additional items tied to the character are also made available.

Moving on, if the developers ever decided to tap into the immense Harry Potter fandom, the results could be just as dramatic. Imagine a skin that transforms the player's character into Harry himself, complete with a wand for an axe and an invisibility cloak-like glider.

This could mean skyrocketing sales for Epic Games but potentially destructive spending for the most die-hard Harry Potter fans. The temptation to own such a skin and related paraphernalia could be hard to resist for those engrossed in the magical world of this beloved franchise.

The Price of Popularity

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Another concept worth exploring is the potential of Star Wars-themed skins in Fortnite. Star Wars already has a massive, dedicated fan base, and has already seen some incorporation into the Fortnite universe.

Should a Mandalorian skin or something of similar Star Wars prominence become available, fans of the series who are Fortnite players will likely be more than willing to pay premiums to own it. The potential expenditure is as high as the galaxies far, far away!

Switching to a different genre, consider players who are major fans of celebrities and musicians. Imagine a skin representing their favorite pop artist, K-Pop Star, or even electronic music DJ. The aspiration to represent and 'become' their idol in-game might lead to costly purchases.

For those who love the intrigue of mystery and international espionage, a James Bond skin could be appealing. Set with an array of quintessential spy gadgets, this could be another skin that would make quite a dent in player wallets.

An Expensive Endeavor

The prospect of video game-themed skins is yet another avenue to consider. For example, a Master Chief skin, directly resonating with the Halo fandom. Similar to the other examples, extreme fans may feel compelled to own these items, making them a pricey affair.

The world of Middle Earth may also prove to be a talking point if Epic Games introduces a themed skin set. For instance, players could wear the guise of Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings, potentially leading to extensive expenditure due to the strong fan base.

Another realm to consider is the vibrant world of anime, with millions of fans across the globe. Should a Naruto or Goku skin ever emerge in Fortnite, anime fans might find it tough to resist such a buy.

To round off our discussion, imagine a skin that showcases one's favorite sports star in Fortnite. Whether it's a globally celebrated footballer like Ronaldo or a revered NBA player like LeBron James, the appeal to sports fans could be irresistible.


The allure of adding personal touches and unique representations to the gaming experience has made skins a lucrative business for game developers. While most skins are purchased for reasonable prices, the addition of ones based on popular culture, fandoms and personal icons could lead to costly spending.

It's important for players to manage their in-game expenses wisely and weigh the necessity of such purchases. After all, the enjoyment of Fortnite extends far beyond its aesthetic appeal.

In sum, the addition of one's favorite characters as skins in Fortnite could indeed be a game-changer. However, it's fair to assume it might also lead to considerable financial expenditure on the part of passionate players.

With that said, it's ultimately up to Fortnite's developer, Epic Games, to make the decision. The potential for revenue is undoubtedly high, but so is the risk of fostering negative spending habits within their player base.