What is the skin you really want in the game? Couldn't play chapter 1 cause my mom thought Fortnite was like GTA. 😢

Guidelines on creating a simplified, highly detailed, SEO-focused content

Content Creation Approach

It's crucial to remain relaxed and focused while writing data-rich pieces meant for Google's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The tone should imitate the style of a 'The Verge' author.


Keywords Avoidance

Are there really people who never used or disliked the old preset feature to make quick and fun loadouts?
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There are certain phrases and keywords that must be strictly avoided. These include 'Unraveling', 'Detailed Analysis', 'the evolution of', 'Understanding', and 'The art of'. Trying to refraining from using 'Mysteries', 'in-depth', 'Exploring', 'Prominence' or 'An exploration of'.

What is the skin you really want in the game? Couldn


Descriptive Writing Usage

In wrapping up your articles, be wary to not use phrases like 'In Conclusion', 'dive into', 'delve into', or even simply 'delve'. Avoid, especially, the phrase 'into the world of'.


Terms of Reference

Do not provide direct references or mentions to fans, Reddit, Dexerto, or What To Expect. The author of the piece should also refrain from self-reference.


And as more instructions to follow...

Idea for an open world map in Fortnite.
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