Twitch Reverses Permanent Ban on Hailed Fortnite Streamer Who Joked About Child Predation

The streaming platform Twitch decided to lift the permanent ban on controversial Fortnite streamer HydraSZN who had previously joked about 'liking kids' and called himself a 'child predator'.

Twitch Lifts Permanent Ban on Hailed Fortnite Streamer

Twitch, a popular streaming platform, initially opted to permanently ban the controversial Fortnite gamer, HydraSZN when he commenced a series of inappropriate jokes about being sexually interested in children. The ban followed after these remarks during a broadcast, wherein HydraSZN went as far as claiming, 'Oh, I swear to God I do, on my life I’m a little child predator.'

A Controversial and Ground-Breaking Decision

Following the storm that emerged on X - previously known as Twitter - the streaming platform, Twitch, issued a permanent suspension for the streamer. Despite this immediate course of action, the appeals launched by HydraSZN have seen some success.

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HydraSZN was quoted as asserting, 'I deserve the hate for making a dumb joke, but if Twitch bans me for this, they might as well ban literally thousands of other streamers. I don’t deserve an indefinite ban. Twitch is my job, and my childhood dream and I was finally succeeding.'

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Successful Appeal and Reversal of Ban

Despite the previous rejection of appeals and insistence on the punishment, Twitch surprisingly reversed its decision on the perma ban on August 31, a week later, indicating a 180 shift in their stance. The news was revealed in an email from Twitch to HydraSZN, stating emphatically, 'After reviewing your case, we can confirm that the correct enforcement was issued. However, given the details of your case, we have decided to accept your appeal.'

New Opportunity, Lesson Learned

HydraSZN’s Twitch channel has been reactivated to the streamer’s surprise, who has promised not to waste this second chance. 'I shall never f**k up again', he pledged. This is not the first controversial situation in the Fortnite scene concerning inappropriate comments or actions towards minors. In 2021, Twitch banned a Brazilian streamer after he was arrested for allegedly raping two children.