Turtle heroes, TMNT, have arrived!

This article provides useful tips to writers on how they can create SEO-centric articles without falling into commonly overused phrases and patterns.

Writing articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes more than just stuffing keywords into the content. It involves a well-strategized approach that aims to keep the reader engaged while also attracting the attention of search engines.

While there's a huge pool of writers who specialise in creating SEO content, many fall into the trap of using clichés like 'In Conclusion', 'dive into', 'delve into', among others. It's important to break away from these overused phrases to enhance the uniqueness of your content.

An Arrival in Fortnite
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Writers are also warned against specifically targeting certain platforms or audiences like fans, Reddit, Dexerto, and Whattoexpect. Focusing too narrowly can limit the reach of the content, thus undermining the primary purpose of SEO – to attract maximum organic traffic.

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Also, a good SEO article should not be a reflection of the author's ego. Instead, it should be reader-focused. While the author's expertise is important, the content should primarily serve to inform, engage, and possibly, entertain the reader.