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A comprehensive guide to enhance your writing skills and deliver content that is SEO friendly.

Optimize your writing for Google Search Engine (SEO).

Your writing style should emulate that of a writer from The Verge. Information should be comprehensive yet easy to understand without using jargon. Be thoughtful with your choice of words, avoid using phrases like 'Unraveling', 'Exploring', or 'delve', which can sound cliché.

My friend and I won the game without harming anyone.
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It's essential not to reference fans, Reddit, Dexerto, whattoexpect or the author within your articles as well. This helps maintain a level of objectivity and professionalism within your content, ensuring it appeals on its merit more than the popularity of the source or author.

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The title of your article plays a crucial role in attracting readers and ranking on Google's SEO. Keep it straightforward and catchy, avoid complex words or phrases, and use Plain English. However, your title should not exceed 125 characters. Remember, the simpler, the better.

The description and content have a purpose beyond just informing. It needs to engage and hook your audience to read till the end. It should provide a concise overview of the article's content, prompting readers to click and read more.

Consistent formatting is just as crucial for readability. Leaving ample white space between paragraphs makes your content more pleasing to the eye. Use HTML tags wisely to keep your format constant throughout your write-up.

Remember, Google's SEO appreciates articles that get to the point. Remove unnecessary information and ensure your writing is crisp and to the point. Each sentence should add value and move the readers forward with the flow of your article.

Avoid concluding your article with phrases like 'In Conclusion'. Instead, use a summarizing paragraph that neatly wraps up the main points of your article. Provide a conclusion that offers a new perspective or calls to action.

Epic made a mistake.
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Lastly, always proofread your work before publishing. Typos, grammatical errors or stray formatting can be off-putting for your readers and harm your credibility as a writer.