The powerful AR works great; just practice using it well.

An accessible and comprehensive overview of traditional yo-yo tricks that anyone can learn.


Traditionally seen as a simple children's toy, the humble yo-yo can be a fascinating tool for performing tricks and stunts, provided one knows how to wield it correctly. This guide will introduce several traditional yo-yo tricks that anyone can learn.

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The Sleeper

The powerful AR works great; just practice using it well. ImageAlt

The first trick to master in yo-yo is the Sleeper. This is the act of making the yo-yo spin at the end of the string, without immediately returning it to your hand. This trick forms the basis of many other yo-yo tricks, making it a crucial first step.

Begin by ensuring your throw is strong and straight. The yo-yo should extend to the full length of the string and rotate at the bottom. This creates a spinning motion, allowing the yo-yo to 'sleep' at the end of the string.


Once you have mastered the Sleeper, you can progress to the Walk-the-dog trick. Here, the spinning yo-yo is allowed to touch the surface and roll forward, creating the illusion of a walking dog.

Start by throwing a strong Sleeper. Then gently lower the yo-yo to gently touch the ground, allowing it to move forward. Once mastered, this trick can be performed on many different surfaces.

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Around the World

The Around the World is another trick that can be achieved with practice. In this trick, the yo-yo is thrown in a large loop, making it travel 'around the world'. This trick requires a strong, straight throw and careful control.

Begin by executing a Sleeper, then swing the yo-yo in a loop. The yo-yo should travel around in a complete circle, and then be brought back to your hand.

The Breakaway

The Breakaway trick involves swinging the yo-yo across your body in a horizontal arc, rather than just up and down. It's like a sideways 'around the world', and adds a new dimension to your yo-yo tricks.

Start by throwing a Sleeper, but throw it to the side rather than straight down. The yo-yo will travel out and then back, swinging like a pendulum. Practice can make this trick become second nature.

Expert Tricks

Once these basic tricks are mastered, there are many more advanced ones to explore. The Split the Atom, or Man on the Flying Trapeze are some complex tricks which involve multiple steps and require lots of practice.

Each advanced trick involves manipulating the string in some way while the yo-yo is spinning — either by twisting it, looping it, or tying it in knots. These tricks are visually impressive but do require precision and concentration.

Mastering the Yo-Yo

The key to mastering yo-yo is practice. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with the weight of the yo-yo, how the string moves, and how to control the yo-yo's spin.

It is also important to experiment and innovate. Many popular tricks were invented by yo-yo players trying something new. So don't be afraid to create your own tricks.

Final Thoughts

Mastering yo-yo tricks can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It may seem difficult at first, but with patience and practice, anyone can learn to perform these tricks.

So grab a yo-yo, start practicing these tricks, and before you know it, you'll be impressing your friends with your new skills.