The Impact of Wings and Aim Assist in Fortnite

A comprehensive walkthrough of how the Wings cosmetic item in Fortnite might interfere with your Aim Assist function, and tips on how to avoid these potential pitfalls while enjoying your gameplay.


Fortnite, the battle royale stand-out, offers numerous in-game cosmetic items to add flair to user gameplay. One such item is the Wings. However, an underlying issue seems to be causing fervor among the gaming community. The game's Aim Assist function tends to get disrupted when playing against someone using the Wings.

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While the game continues to captivate audiences across diverse age groups and geographies, this singular issue pertaining to the Wings has caught the attention of many ardent players worldwide. This article is a detailed examination of this issue and its potential impact on match outcomes.

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The Aim Assist Function

Aim Assist is a controllable game setting in Fortnite, which, when enabled, helps players to aim more accurately. It accomplishes this through a subtle slowing down of the player's aim as it slides over an enemy, making it easier to keep the aim on target.

By providing a slightly magnetized feeling to enemy players, Aim Assist can significantly improve a player's precision, especially during quick and extreme movements. This is deemed by many players to be especially beneficial when employing long and medium-ranged weapons.

However, the intricate workings of Aim Assist paired with specific cosmetic items might inadvertently obstruct gameplay.

The Wings and the Big Misconception

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The Wings is a popular aesthetic add-on available to Fortnite users. While it doesn't enhance the player's performance directly, it's fashionably appealing and sought after by a myriad of users. They're merely cosmetic and have no direct function, contrary to the popular belief.

Many users employ Wings as a distraction technique, with opponents mistakenly focusing on the wings instead of the player. The misconception is that Wings, being larger than the player model, might disrupt opponents' aim.

Nonetheless, a deeper issue stems from how Aim Assist functions when an opponent is using Wings.

Wings Interfering With Aim Assist

One major issue that players have recently stumbled upon is the interference of the Wings with the operation of Aim Assist. Aim Assist seems to 'consider' the Wings of an opponent part of their body.

Consequently, when a player's aim slides over an opponent, Aim Assist tends to slow down the aim on the Wings as well. This can easily feign the assumption of successful targeting, thereby causing players to misfire.

Apparently, the majority of the Fortnite community has surprisingly overlooked this issue, allowing a deeper look into this problem vital.

Implications and Observations

Aiming at the Wings can drastically influence the success of an attack. When you aim at an enemy with Wings, and the Aim Assist slowed down at the Wings, it might mislead you into thinking you've properly aimed at your enemy.

Consequently, bullets intended for opponents could end up being wasted, which is particularly important in a game where ammunition management is critical. This issue adds another layer of complication and complexity to Fortnite's gameplay.

Yet, given the popularity and the attractive aesthetics of the Wings, many players continue to use them, often unaware of their potential impact.


It's crucial for Fortnite players to understand how the Wings can interfere with the Aim Assist function and potentially influence their gaming experience. Until an official patch addressing this problem is announced, players might consider refraining from using the Wings.

In the grand scheme of Fortnite gameplay, though, the disturbance caused by the Wings is relatively minor. It might not dramatically affect the game's outcomes if a player knows how to handle the situation effectively.

Finally, as with all perceived glitches or issues in any game universe, the most beneficial approach players can adopt is to remain updated and adapt their strategy according to these temporary challenges.