MrBeast collaborates with eFuse and Influencers for exclusive Fortnite Creator League

Well-known Youtuber, MrBeast, has partnered with eFuse and a host of powerful influencers to create an exclusive Fortnite Tournament named the Creator League that blends esports with content creation for a novel approach to the competitive gaming scene.

MrBeast and eFuse have joined forces with eight influencers and esports professionals for an exclusive Fortnite Tournament christened the Creator League.

In addition to producing high-budget videos, 'MrBeast' Donaldson is also a renowned figure in the esports realm. Prior to establishing his league in collaboration with several top-tier influencers, he expressed his interest in acquiring a team in LCS, and even contemplated entering the NACL.

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The forthcoming league, backed by MrBeast, eFuse and other major creators, represents a significant step into the competitive gaming arena. The tournament - centred on the globally popular Fortnite - signals an exciting era of esports evolution.

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Details of MrBeast's Creator League

The Creator League is an influencer-led tournament series that will feature a host of influencers heading several competitive esports teams across a variety of major titles. These influencers will be required to collaborate with their communities in order to influence the overall performance and trajectory of their teams. The question being asked: How will each influencer's community shape the course of esports events?

Who are the participants in the Creator League?

The confirmed influencers participating in the Creator League include the the likes of Bella Poarch, Vinnie Hacker, IShowSpeed, CDawgVA, Clix, OTK and Optic Gaming.

How does the Creator League operate?

In the Creator League, Community pass purchasers have the opportunity to participate in an open qualifier tournament, which could ultimately afford them a chance to compete in the league beside their preferred creators. Passholders also have a chance to influence significant league decisions, including team strategies and draft picks. Passholders are also eligible to win exclusive giveaways, participate in merch drops, attend community parties, and join AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the creators, along with obtaining access to a private Discord server.

Schedule and Additional details

The Creator League will provide a year-round calendar of tournaments and events with massive prizes, commencing with Season 1. Season 1 will feature 4 splits, the first of which will kick off from September 8 – October 5. Split 1 will consist of 3v3 zero-build Fortnite tournaments in Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, and Oddball modes.

In addition to the above, there’s a $50,000 open qualifier tournament allowing fans to earn their spot in the League — with a potential shot at winning a portion of the $200,000 prize pool for Split 1’s main event.

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Where to watch the Creator League

Interested viewers can watch the Creator League on the individual Twitch channels of the participating creators, or check out the official Twitch channel of eFuse.