Keeping Tempo: A New Feature in Fortnite's Festival Game Mode

A closer examination of the latest feature in Fortnite's Festival Game Mode, which allows players to adjust the speed of falling notes.

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for Fortnite. With the introduction of Season OG, the creators of the game, Epic Games, embarked on a nostalgic journey, taking players back to Chapter 1. This was just the beginning, as the year also saw the introduction of three new game modes, along with revisions in the game's movement mechanics and User Interface.

Fortnite players enjoyed these new modes, which broke the usual pattern of Battle Royale games. The modes included LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Festival modes. The Festival mode, created by Harmonix, the creators of Guitar Hero, stood out among the rest. It challenged players to assume various musical roles, competing to earn points by matching musical notes.

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Though the Festival mode has found popularity due to its musical engagement, it hasn't been without its challenges. Despite having four difficulty settings to choose from, some players have found it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced tempo of the higher levels. However, a solution to this issue has been found by a keen player who discovered a way to change the speed of the falling notes.

Keeping Tempo: A New Feature in Fortnite

The player, known as Bee, shared a video clip explaining how to change the speed of the falling notes in Festival mode. This revelation, aimed at those unaware of this setting, sent shockwaves through the Fortnite community. It was previously an overlooked detail by the larger player base.

Bee's advice for changing note speeds is quite simple. Players must first head to the Settings Menu found on the sidebar. From there, they navigate to the 'Game' tab, identifiable by its gear icon. Once that is selected, the Festival mode settings can be accessed by scrolling down or snapping to the relevant section.

Once under the tab labelled 'Festival', players will see the 'Track Speed' option that comes with an adjustable slider. In order to make the notes fall slower or faster, players just need to decrease or increase the slider value. This feature is strikingly similar to the tempo settings in Festival Jam mode, making it easier for those familiar with said mode.

Soon after the revelation of this hidden feature, players began to voice their opinions and shared their experiences of using it during the game. One player amusingly commented that he had been playing at double speed since the mode was released, and couldn't believe that others didn't know about the setting.

Another player shared their personal experience saying, 'I’ve done it already and it’s way more fun on 1.5x.' There has been some confusion around how this function operates, with one player clarifying, 'It doesn’t change the speed of the song. It spaces the notes out more and makes them come at you faster, so they still hit at the same time.'

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While Festival mode may not be the most popular among the trio introduced in 2023, it is loved by many. With features like adjustable note speed, it added a layer of dynamics to the game. These features set it apart from its counterparts, such as the LEGO Fortnite mode.

The revelation of this detail and its subsequent impact on Festival mode's gameplay has shown the intricate complexity of Fortnite as a game. It continues to evolve, with players constantly discovering new and exciting ways to engage with it. Whether you are a Battle Royale enthusiast or enjoy the musical challenges of Festival mode, Fortnite offers a vast universe of gaming possibilities.