I learned how to reach supply drops on mountains/hills.

A comprehensive guide to effectively acquire supply drops in Fortnite Battle Royale that are outside the storm circle using strategic approaches and gameplay techniques.


In Fortnite Battle Royale, it's critical to master the tactics on acquiring Supply Drops. Knowing when and where to grab them could drastically change the course of your gameplay. This article provides insightful information on getting those Supply Drops that are located outside the storm circle.

I can't wait for these railings to be gone from the map!
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Supply Drops: An Overview

I learned how to reach supply drops on mountains/hills. ImageAlt

Supply Drops are random, air-dropped crates containing valuable items and weapons beneficial to your survival in Fortnite Battle Royale. They can occur anywhere across the map, oftentimes outside the storm circle. Notably, each drop is tagged with a large blue marker, making them highly coveted and typically guarded by adversaries.

No Storm Fear?

You won’t have to worry about the storm circle when aiming for Supply Drops, provided you have a reliable strategy. A strong character, health-boosting items, and a trusty vehicle would be necessary when venturing into the hazardous storm.

In situations where the storm circle is too far, daring players could go for Supply Drops that are outside this circle. Risky as the idea may sound, there are practical methods you can employ to tap into this strategy.

Preparation is Key

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Once you decide to pursue a Supply Drop outside the storm circle, ensure you have sufficient resources to survive. Accumulate health recovery items and enough gear to protect yourself. Some of the recommended items include bandages, medkits, and shield potions which can boost your health and shield levels respectively.

Materials are also crucial. To create barriers and ramps when opponents strike or for climbing purposes, acquire as much brick, wood, and metal as possible.

Storm Considerations

While the storm is a threat, you can tread through it if you're adequately prepared. Storm damage isn’t instant, but gradual. You can mitigate damage through health recovery items and strategic movement.

Moving in and out of the storm repeatedly could potentially reduce the vulnerability. It’s a matter of optimal timing. Be sure to time your entries and exits wisely to minimize damage and maximize survival.

Venturing into the Storm

Visibility within the storm is deeply reduced. To successfully navigate and reach your desired drop, harness some navigation skills or the use of a vehicle.

Vehicles aren't only for quick getaways but also help in reaching supply drops faster. Quadcrashers, for instance, can help cross the map swiftly. However, they could also give away your position. Be prepared for engagements!

Finding Balance

When making a move for supply drops outside the storm circle, carefully weigh the potential gain against risk. Remember, the main objective is survival. Make sure the reward of the supply drop outweighs the risk you're taking.

Ambushing opponents at a supply drop isn’t uncommon. So, strategic thinking around enemy engagements would be beneficial. Always stay vigilant.

Timing is Everything

Time your moves to the supply drop tactically. It takes about 10 seconds for an unopened Supply Drop to land. This means you must anticipate the fall and start moving just in time to reach the drop spot as it lands.

Learn to assess the direction and speed of the falling drop quickly. This could help you estimate the time it takes to reach it, increasing your chances of success.

Building Your way Out

Aside from vehicles, creating ramps is another method to quickly reach supply drops. Building vertically, you can glide right through the storm to your desired drop.

Ensure you have adequate building materials before venturing into the storm. Remember, time is of essence so quick construction would be mandatory.

The Art of the Pick-Up

Once you reach the supply drop, quickly gather all items. The faster you pick-up, the quicker you can exit the storm, minimizing the potential damage. Time efficiency during this phase is essential.

In case of an enemy encounter during your pick-up, quickly build yourself a cover. Use the higher ground and your newly acquired supply drop weapons to neutralize them.


The tactics of acquiring supply drops outside the storm circle in Fortnite Battle Royale show how calculated risks can result in massive rewards. Use a well-devised strategy, ample resources, and quick decision-making skills to achieve this goal, making your gameplay increasingly competitive while ensuring survival.

Mastering these strategies requires much practice and game understanding, but with persistence, you can certainly improve your proficiency in Fortnite Battle Royale.