Got the perfect back bling for John Wick. Finally!

This article provides a detailed account of finding the perfect Fortnite Back Bling for the John Wick character. We discuss the character's persona, the importance of Back Bling, and the perfect match.

Enter the World of Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale, developed by Epic Games, is a free-to-play battle royale game. It has gained worldwide popularity due to its exciting gameplay, distinct themes, and engaging graphics.

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This online multiplayer game allows players to express their creativity through character customization.

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The John Wick character is particularly popular, often depicted as a ruthless yet suave hitman.

The John Wick Character

John Wick, known in the Fortnite universe as 'The Reaper', is a legendary character.

He was introduced in Season 3, becoming an instant fan favorite due to his striking appearance and fierce personality.

Unlocking him requires reaching tier 100 in the Battle Pass, highlighting his coveted status among players.

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Due to his likeness to the film character, players often struggle to find the perfect accessories to compliment his persona, particularity his Back Bling.

Understanding Back Bling

In Fortnite, accessories are often as valued as the playable characters themselves.

These accessories, known as 'Back Bling,' can be attached to the back of characters, thus enhancing their overall look.

Back Bling items range from backpacks, shields, wings, to capes, each having their own unique style.

With the right Back Bling, players can perfectly encapsulate their character's personality, making their game experience even more authentic.

Choosing the Right Back Bling for John Wick

The perfect Back Bling for John Wick should reflect his stylish and deadly character.

A Back Bling which is refined yet intimidating would certainly strike a chord with fans of this enigmatic character.

One of the Back Blings that could fit the bill perfectly is the 'Black Shield'.

This elegant Back Bling reflects the character's aggressive style, while maintaining a touch of class and sophistication.

The Black Shield

The 'Black Shield' is part of the 'Black Knight' set in Fortnite.

It's one of the most spectacular shield-style Back Blings in the game, striking a perfect balance between beauty and fear.

This perfect blend makes the 'Black Shield' a great choice as a Back Bling piece for John Wick.

The dark color and medieval design also align effortlessly with John Wick's personality and style.

Dressing Up the Reaper

With the 'Black Shield' in place, John Wick looks genuinely intimidating.

The simple yet elegant gothic design of the shield gives him an extra edge, fitting well with his image.

This striking Back Bling is a testament to his lethal yet sophisticated persona, and certainly enhances his overall look in the game.

The 'Black Shield' thus ends up being the ideal Back Bling for John Wick.


Fortnite is well loved for its unique blend of action and creativity.

Through endless customization options, players can create a truly unique gaming experience.

The perfect Back Bling piece for John Wick goes beyond a mere accessory, becoming an embodiment of the character's defining traits.

When the 'Black Shield' is paired with John Wick, he becomes the quintessential Fortnite character, blending style, sophistication, and threat in a remarkable way.