Fortnite's Hidden Feature in Chains of Hades

Players of Fortnite discover a hidden ability in the Chains of Hades item not previously known, providing a new twist to the gameplay in Chapter 5 Season 2.

The world of Fortnite is all set to astound its dedicated players yet again. Recently, the fanbase discovered a secret ability housed within the Chains of Hades item in Chapter 5 Season 2, much to their surprise and amusement.

This development has intrigued the Fortnite community and has added another layer of strategy to the game. The Chains of Hades serve as just one example of the unique, god-inspired armaments that pepper Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2's landscape, taking a page from ancient Greek mythology.

Defeated by the famous legend.
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Whether it's brandishing the Thunderbolt of Zeus or employing the Wings of Icarus, players find themselves spoilt for choice. However, the Chains of Hades have created a fresh buzz, earning acclaim for its unparalleled skill of pulling opponents towards the user while launching deadly attacks.

But all these abilities are the tip of the iceberg. Players have uncovered a hidden talent within this item that opens up even more combat possibilities, giving the Chains of Hades a new level of intrigue.

This recently discovered ability allows players to snatch enemies straight out of moving vehicles. The Fortnite community was taken aback when a gamer successfully pulled an adversary out of a moving car during a match.

Following the successful maneuver, the thrilled player quickly recorded the incident and posted it on social media. Fellow players were quick to spot the post, and interest in the Chains of Hades' hidden ability grew exponentially among the Fortnite users.

The game-changer move resulted in an easy win for the original player, who annihilated his adversary by using the Gatekeeper Shotgun, once the enemy was disoriented after being pulled from the car.

The astonishing feat gave rise to a multitude of questions among other players, particularly surrounding the mechanics of this special move. One participant queried if the chain always guarantees a successful yank from the vehicle or if it's down to luck.

What's a bigger downgrade?
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To this, another player offered an insightful explanation, stating that they believed it depended on a particular spot since they had been pulled out of a car by a fellow passenger tinkering with the chain.

Further excitement spread as more players started realizing the true potential of the chains. A user noted that they had been using this move since the chains were initially dropped into the gameplay.

Additional gamers came forward with their personal gameplay experiences, with one user advising fellow players that the combination of the Floor is Lava, Balloons, and the Chains of Hades makes for an effective early game strategy, allowing the user to repeatedly yank adversaries before they have an opportunity to launch an attack.

The Chains of Hades have swiftly become a favourite among Fortnite players, adding an exciting element to the already dynamic gameplay dynamics of the multi-faceted game universe.

Accessible from Loot Chests, Underworld and Olympus Chests, Supply Drops, or Buried Chests across the island, the Chains of Hades are not particularly hard to find, and they pack a formidable punch in combat.

As an item of Epic Rarity, the Chains of Hades represent a potent weapon for any player lucky enough to find them. They are particularly effective in close and mid-range combat, inflicting severe damage that can drastically change the tide of a Fortnite match.

The discovery of this newfound ability has taken the game's already high stake battles to a thrilling level and changed the strategies employed by gamers, thereby adding another layer of appeal to the Fortnite gameplay.

The gaming experience has certainly been amplified, leaving Fortnite enthusiasts eager in anticipation of similar discoveries in other items featured within the game.

It's this relentless innovation and surprise that keeps Fortnite at the forefront of the gaming industry, cementing its place in the hearts and consoles of gamers worldwide.