Fortnite's Deadliest Combinations

Examining the most hazardous team-ups in Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay and strategies to deal with them.

The Sweet but Deadly Pairing of Dynamite and Stink Bombs

Here we explore one of Fortnite's most virulent tactics: the Dynamite and Stink Bomb combo. The Dynamite deals a massive amount of damage and is effective in demolishing structures. When coupled with the Stink Bomb, which causes gradual damage to players within its effective range, the combo is explosively deadly. However, a quickly built wall may insulate against the Stink Bomb's effects.

Struggling with sniping accuracy? Use this quick guide: Aim at the center + for targets within 50m.
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Creating a defensive barrier, either with wood, brick, or metal resources, can help to prevent damage from these weapons. In this regard, timing is everything when trying to guard against dynamite's destructive power. It is not foolproof, but it can significantly help reduce damage.


This combo is by no means unbeatable. Its effectiveness can be limited by deploying sound game strategy and acumen. One key to overcoming this threat involves maintaining an advantageous position relative to your enemy, where you have a good sightline but they do not.

Common strategies to deal with this lethal combo often include high-ground tactics and clever positioning, making you less susceptible to the direct impact of the weapons. Moreover, constant mobility can ensure you avoid the corrosive gas of the stink bomb, limiting your damage intake.

The Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher Duo

This combo consists of a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher, arguably the most lethal two-gun arsenal in the game. The Sniper Rifle's long-range efficiency combined with the raw damage capacity of the Rocket Launcher makes an intimidating pair. This combination can overwhelm even experienced players, especially in open terrains.

However, it is the calculated timing and precision that make this combo truly deadly. A well-placed sniper shot can distract an opponent making them susceptible to subsequent rocket attacks. Strategic countermeasures involve utilizing builds for protection and quick escapes, consistent mobility, and off-angling strategies to trick opponents.

Having 5 medallions won't protect you from your own vulnerabilities.
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Remember, the fort in Fortnite is not just for show. Building effective defenses can go a long way in ensuring your survival. The architecture of your defense can even play mind games with your opponents, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

By being patient and seizing advantageous shooting positions, one can decrease the Leeroy Jenkins effect associated with the rocket launcher, reducing one’s vulnerability to sniper shots and therefore decreasing the overall efficiency of the combo.

The Daring Quad Launcher and Clinger Combo

Moving on, we have the daring Quad Launcher and Clinger combo. The Quad Launcher fires multiple rockets, dealing catastrophic damage to players, while the Clinger is a subversive weapon that sticks to opponents and detonates after a short duration. Their combination is a fearsome exhibit of explosive firepower, capable of acute zone control.

The key to countering this combo depends greatly on understanding the timing of the Clinger's detonation and maintaining a respectful distance from the Quad Launcher's rockets. By keeping these in mind, the seemingly insurmountable combo can be dealt with a strategic approach.

Thorough comprehension of the game’s mechanics can also be an enormous boon if you are under attack from this duo. For instance, knowing the detonation time of the Clinger will allow you to mitigate or entirely avoid the explosive damage.

Tactical positioning and well-timed builds can negate the fearsome effects of this combo. So, while it might seem a monumental task to overcome, intelligence and strategy can battle brute force.

The Suppressed Submachine Gun and Stink Bomb Tactic

Lastly, we survey the heavily tactical approach embodied by the Suppressed Sub-machine Gun (SMG) and Stink Bomb combo. The SMG allows for stealthy damage with its suppressed shots, while the Stink Bomb causes a distinctive green smoke that harms opponents over time. The quiet nature of the SMG makes it difficult to deduce the shooter's location, and adding in the disorienting and harmful effects of the Stink Bomb makes this a potent combo.

Moreover, with both these weapons able to penetrate structures in their respective ways, there’s a strong argument to suggest that this is the most formidable combo in Fortnite. The counter to this playstyle relies heavily on awareness and rapid offensive measures. Try to spot and neutralize the SMG shooter before the Stink Bomb can further add to your woes.

The best way to counter this sinister combination is through maintaining sound situational awareness. Tracking your opponent's movements and thinking defensively can keep you one step ahead of their sinister play.

Furthermore, this strategy involves making full use of structural covers and consistently repositioning yourself, thus countering the effective usage of the stealth-spraying SMG and the area-denial properties of the Stink Bomb.