Fortnite Pro SypherPK Calls Out Creative 2.0 'Thief' for Stealing His Map

Renowned Fortnite content creator SypherPK has called out a Creative 2.0 mapmaker for stealing his concepts from an existing map and publishing it as his own. <a href=' alt='FortNite'>Fortnite</a> Pro SypherPK Calls Out Creative 2.0 'Thief' for Stealing

Fortnite Pro SypherPK Calls Out Creative 2.0 'Thief' for Stealing

Since its introduction, Fortnite’s Creative mode has significantly evolved with Creative 2.0. Epic Games introduced new features, tools, and enhancements that allow players to bring their ideas to life in unimaginable ways.

Players can now utilize Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) and other software to construct realistic experiences within the game’s metaverse. Additionally, Epic pays mapmakers real money based on the number of player visits their creative island receives each month.

I enjoy being caught off guard by a stranger's attack when I'm on the move.
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Creators and Gaming

Numerous creators, including SquatingDog, SypherPK, and others, have already produced breathtaking maps. However, SypherPK recently called out a mapmaker for stealing his published map and recreating a copy to capitalize on player count.

Fortnite Pro SypherPK Calls Out Creative 2.0

The Fortnite pro explained the situation in a YouTube video titled “I was stolen from” where he discussed how spammers have been cloning maps to attract more players and make money. SypherPK and his team created a Creative 2.0 game based on Red vs. Blue maps and included a superhero feature inspired by his popular Supercity UEFN map.

The map thief replicated SypherPK's Heroes Red vs. Blue map overnight, using modified icons and the Supercity map's coding, but was unable to use the map's abilities due to SypherPK's special coding. The duplicated map eventually received more visitors than SypherPK's original map, prompting him to ask his viewers to visit his map and help remove the replicated one from Discover.

Gaming Community Support

In support of SypherPK, fans commented expressing their respect for him and condemning the map thief's actions. Players can check out SypherPK's Heroes Red vs. Blue map by entering the island code (3325-7439-3745) on their Discover Tab in-game or by saving it from the official UEFN page on the Fortnite website.