Fortnite Players Disappointed by Recent One Piece Crossover, Label it a “Huge L”

Fortnite players express their disappointment with the One Piece crossover in the game, deeming it a major letdown.

With the release of the newest Netflix series One Piece, players were disappointed by an unexpected crossover in Fortnite, which they deemed a “Huge L”. As the game has a long history of collaborating with popular anime characters, players had strong feelings about this particular entry.

The influence of anime crossovers in Fortnite has been felt throughout the gaming and anime communities. Not only do these crossovers expose Fortnite’s audience to new anime episodes, but they also attest to the genre’s rising profile around the world.

The game has recently branched out into anime crossovers, adding well-known characters and powers to its looped island. Over the years, players have spent their V-Bucks on in-game cosmetics based on their favorite anime characters, from Goku to All Might, and even experienced their abilities.

Fortnite Jujutsu Kaisen coverEpic Games
Jujutsu Kaisen was the most recent anime crossover in Fortnite.

The One Piece crossover was anticipated by anime fans for a long time. Now, Fortnite has introduced a crossover to commemorate the arrival of a Netflix show based on the popular anime, which is probably not what you had in mind. In the same manner, players were left disappointed, labeling the crossover a “Huge L” on social media.

Fortnite players are disappointed by the recent One Piece crossover, say it’s a “Huge L”

The official One Piece Netflix account on X posted an announcement teaser on September 9, 2023, showcasing a Creative 2.0 map that incorporates the anime’s seas and pirate ships into Fortnite.

“ONE PIECE – STRAW HATS VS MARINES” is an Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) creation by 3dlab in which players will be able to make a daring escape as a Straw Hat pirate or restore order to the sea as a Marine. The game format is 3v3, and players may use swords, cannons, or pistols to capture the enemy ship.

Upon hearing the news, a number of Fortnite players were extremely disappointed, as they had hoped for in-game cosmetics and a crossover event similar to other anime collaborations in the game. Numerous concepts for Luffy and Roronoa Zoro skins had been circulated on social media over the years, and players anticipated that they would be released alongside the crossover.

One such unhappy fan said, “Huge L + not what we want”. Another chimed in, “That’s it? That’s the One Piece Collab? THAT WAS JUST A LOUSY ANIME THEMED PIRATE MODE”.

A third unhappy fan added, “Seen the One Piece Live Action and Ashoka Series, that was a big L to Fortnite taking opportunities.”

While there have been no other reports or rumors regarding a One Piece crossover, Fortnite players can check out the island by entering the island code (7374-8187-1871) in-game or by saving it to their playlists by visiting the official experience page.