Fortnite Battle Royale's New Phase: Version 29.10 Update

A comprehensive breakdown of the alterations and additions introduced in the Fortnite Battle Royale version 29.10 update. Understand the retooling of characters and weapons, alongside novel features, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements.

The gaming universe recently received a significant update with Fortnite Battle Royale's version 29.10. With this latest update, Fortnite has not only fixed assorted glitches and issues but also introduced several intriguing new features.

Characters and Weapons

The Return of Skull Trooper in Fortnite's Boutique
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The Fortnite update has put effort into retooling characters and weapons, ensuring a balanced game environment. Multiple low-performance weapons have been removed and substituted with stronger ones, providing a level playing field for all players.

Fortnite Battle Royale

One of the notable corrections includes the replacement of the suppressed assault rifle. However, the Crossbow’s removal from the competitive playlist remains the major highlight of this update. Gamers, locked in heated battles, will notice the stark absence.

The new additions range from semi-automatic shotguns to infantry rifles. This roster's expansion offers an extensive variety to the players and aims at making the gameplay even more exhilarating.

Gameplay Additions

With version 29.10, Fortnite also enriches its universe with salient gameplay additions. The spotlight lands on the introduction of ‘The Baller,’ an intriguing new vehicle. While being armored, it also has a grappler that facilitates navigation across towering heights.

The new Scavenger Popup rules are yet another gift from this update. These rules mandate that material caps are set to 500 Wood, 500 Stone, and 500 Metal. This adjustment in material caps also goes hand in hand with the alteration in the material gain rates from farming, which have been increased by 40%.

Chameleon feature of Byte's face mask in Fortnite
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Another noteworthy introduction is the Free Fortnite Cup. It's a one-day tournament with a lucrative prize pool in the form of the Tart Tycoon Outfit. This aspect showcases the developers' intention to increase the game's competitive edge.

Additionally, Fortnite has expanded the display of Health/Shields per elimination from +50 to +100, intending to make the game more competitive. These gameplay additions surely present a more rewarding experience.

Bug Fixes

No update is complete without addressing the unnoticed glitches that may dampen a user’s experience. Fortifying this belief, Fortnite delivered multiple bug fixes.

Early game lag issues and hitches have been rectified. Furthermore, those who were ill at ease with players gaining 1HP per elimination instead of 50 Shield/Health will find relief as well. This issue has been rectified in the new update.

The End Of Match stats now also features the number of eliminations made by the player. In the past, several players complained about this glaring omission which has now been aptly addressed.

Moreover, issues about sound distortion and lagging during gameplay have also been given due consideration. Consequently, players can anticipate a smoother gameplay experience.

New Features

In its commitment to keep captivating the audience, Fortnite has introduced a set of novel features in this update. Players can now battle it out in a pirate-themed mode, further diversifying the gaming variety.

Within this mode, players partake in treasure hunts to find buried loot hidden in selected locations, thus adding a new layer of excitement. The flare for treasure hunting paves the path for 'X Marks the Spot,' a new tool used to detect and dig up burrowed fortunes.

In the face of increasing need for quick communication during battles, the developers also added the remarkable 'pinging' system. These pings allow the players a quick-and-easy way of marking locations, loots, foes, or anything noteworthy on their screens.

Furthermore, cross-play across all platforms has also been allowed. Fortnite ensures that it integrates a seamless blend between mobile, PC, and console users. The ability to connect with friends over multiple devices underlines the game's spirit of inclusion.


The 29.10 update has also addressed hardware performance. For instance, players operating on Nintendo Switch will find the graphics significantly refined.

Also, server performance has received a substantial boost, offering players a less disjointed and more satisfying gaming experience. Updates to audio performance enhance the overall sensation for gamers, delivering heightened realism.

Unwanted issues related to voice chat, which previously plagued several players, have also been fixed. Consequently, smoother communication can flow between gamers during Fortnite sessions.

The 29.10 update works as an instrument through which Fortnite reassures its community of an uncompromising commitment to offer a nuanced gaming experience. These regular updates serve as the thread that connects gamers globally, rejuvenating their collective gaming spirit.