Controversial Fortnite Streamer Banned Indefinitely Over Disturbing Remarks

After making inappropriate comments during a live stream, a controversial Fortnite streamer faces an indefinite ban from Twitch. The streaming platform remains firm on its decision, ensuing serious repercussions for the streamer's career.

Twitch Takes Serious Action Against Fortnite Streamer's Disturbing Comments

In a surprising move in August, a Fortnite streamer named HydraSZN shocked the online streaming community with considerably inappropriate remarks. He made unsettling jokes, insinuating himself to be a 'child predator' during one of his live broadcasts.

One of the clips shared on a social platform quickly raised eyebrows. In this video, the streamer insulted a player after achieving revenge for a previous defeat. Following this, he shockingly joked about 'liking kids', even going as far as declaring himself a 'child predator'.

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However, swift action was taken against him by Twitch, the streaming platform, in form of an indefinite ban that seems unlikely to be lifted anytime soon.

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Accentuation of Ban Following Controversial Remarks

Within a few days on August 24, HydraSZN shared a screenshot stating that Twitch permanently banned him due to his content. The email from Twitch mentioned the removal of his content due to the potential risk it could pose by encouraging inappropriate attention towards individuals under the age of 18.

HydraSZN attempted to appeal the ban, but to no avail. Twitch stood strongly by their decision. The streamer, on the other hand, shifted blame onto a member of the community, claiming the individual held a 'vendetta' against him and spread the controversial clip on social media.

Commenting on his ban and the resultant circumstance, HydraSZN stated, 'I was on my way to partner too. I was so excited for TwitchCon and being partnered. It was a sense of accomplishment. Then a Twitch staff sees his tweet and decides to ban me today. I’m an idiot.'

A New Beginning Amidst Ongoing Controversy

Despite the indefinite ban, HydraSZN has decided to move forward and continue to pursue his streaming career. Presently, he has shifted to another streaming platform, Kick, with a determination to achieve success in the streaming industry. However, this incident has left a significant impact.

This is not the first time a Fortnite streamer has faced backlash after making comments of a similar nature. In 2021, a Brazilian streamer was arrested and banned by Twitch for allegedly assaulting two minors.

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