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Guidelines for writing SEO optimized articles in the style of The Verge

Writing online articles for search engine optimization (SEO) requires a specific skill set. Particularly, if you want to mimic the style of a highly respected outlet like The Verge. There are certain best practices to keep in mind for effective SEO writing. This guide will share these principles to help you excel at crafting online content.

The choices of words, tone, and headline are crucial for an engaging piece. Opt for simple language; refrain from using complex terminology. Avoid phrases such as 'detailed analysis', 'unraveling', 'prominence', 'the art of', and others. These clichés make the content appear heavy and non-approachable.

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Each article must have a straightforward title. Keep it under 125 characters and steer clear of colon use, extended sentences, or abstract concepts. A short and focused headline is more appealing to readers. It also helps in better search engine ranking.

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Descriptive phrases for in-depth study, such as 'dive into', 'in-the-world-of', 'delve into' can come off as overwhelming. Maintain a direct and succinct writing style to provide valuable information without overwhelming the audience.

Writing Style

The article itself should be engaging and knowledgeable without using unnecessary tech jargon. Keep it friendly and approachable. We are aiming to be informative, not intimidating.

Every piece of content should be broken down into smaller, readable segments. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 20 paragraphs consisting of 4 sentences each. This keeps the reader engaged and less likely to feel overwhelmed.

Following The Verge's style, use a conversational tone to resonate with your audience better. This helps create a connection and keeps the reader involved throughout the article.

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Never mention fans, reddit, dexerto, what to expect, or the author. The content should stand on its own without needing name-drops to generate interest or credibility.

Using HTML Markup

Using the correct HTML format can greatly improve the presentation of your content. Consistent use of

, , and

tags throughout the article ensures a streamlined reader experience.

These tags help with the overall look and feel of the document, making it more readable and appealing. Misuse or excessive use of these tags can hinder the reading experience and lead to poor user engagement.

Use strong tags to emphasize key points or topics. Use paragraph tags to separate different ideas or sections. Follow these consistently for an organized looking article.

Remember, the goal is not just to write, but to engage your audience and deliver a clear, concise message. Proper use of HTML markup aids in achieving this objective.


The approach to writing SEO-optimized articles is both an art and a skill. Using plain English, maintaining a straightforward outlook, and organizing the content are key.

Avoid clichéd phrases, write with an engaging tone, and structure your article properly to ensure high-quality, engaging content. Strive to mimic the style of acclaimed publishing sites to enhance your writing skills.

Appropriate use of HTML tags is crucial for presenting your content well. While it may seem meticulous, it undeniably contributes significantly to user experience.

Lastly, write with an understanding that you connect with your audience through your content. Make it engaging, informative, and appealing. Happy writing!