An Oversight in Fortnite's Peely Skin Design

An in-depth exploration into the design flaw in Fortnite's Peely Skin which obscures the player's crosshair during jumps and its potential implications for gamers.

A Look Into Fortnite's Peely Skin Design Fault

Fortnite is a battle royale game with a myriad of intricacies. It requires deftness not only in gameplay but also in utilizing the game's numerous skins with their unique characteristics. One of these skins, the Peely Skin, has a considerable flaw that severely disparages its appeal.

The Peely Skin is designed to resemble a cartoon-style humanoid banana. It is a dynamic and whimsical showpiece, befitting the silly and light-hearted nature associated with Fortnite’s gaming tradition. Nonetheless, the Peely Skin is not all-star material due to a crucial defect.

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Players have reported an issue with the Peely Skin that hinders one’s gameplay, particularly during jumping movements. The problem lies in the Peely Skin obscuring the player's crosshair, diminishing precision, and essentially making the skin a handicap.

An Oversight in Fortnite

The Impact of the Flaw on Gameplay

One of Fortnite's many challenges lies in the accuracy of one's aim. Your proficiency in managing the crosshair to track and shoot enemies often determines success in the game. The quirky Peely Skin, however, undermines this essential skill.

When a player is moving and jumping, Peely's character model rises enough to obscure the player's crosshair partially. This seemingly small issue can have surprising consequences in Fortnite's intense, quick-fire gameplay.

This visual obstruction doesn't happen with every jump, but it occurs often enough to be a detectable issue. Gamers who typically perform numerous jumps in their gameplay are those who are likely to be most unfavorably affected.

The Peely Skin now covers the crosshair to a great extent in the midst of action, putting the player at a disadvantage. This impediment can throw seasoned players off their game, as they cannot aim and fire accurately at the enemy during their jump motion.

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The Significance of Crosshair Visibility

For unseasoned Fortnite gamers who don't fully comprehend the Peely Skin issue, it is worth noting how essential a clear crosshair is in the gaming environment. A crosshair, the marker in the middle of the screen, is the player's primary weapon aiming tool in most shooter games. Its utility cannot be overstated.

In close-quarter combats, especially, where rapid movement and jumping are commonplace, having an obstructed crosshair could mean the difference between victory and defeat. The crosshair's purpose is a simple but crucial one - to precisely point where your bullet or projectile will go.

The Peely Skin's design flaw fundamentally affects the player's ability to aim consistently. The player's crosshair and thereby their bullets' destination is crucial in direct combats and sniping in the Fortnite game.

With an obscured crosshair due to the Peely Skin flaw, even practiced shots could possibly go amiss, and the victory royale could slip away before the player realizes it.

Should the Peely Skin Flaw Be Addressed?

If Fortnite aims for fair play amongst its players, then this discrepancy presents a considerable concern. Although it’s not game-breaking, it poses enough of a hurdle to potentially affect the outcome of a game.

Even though Fortnite's numerous skins are not supposed to inherently offer tactical advantages or disadvantages, this design oversight gives players using the Peely Skin an unintended shortcoming. The game should ideally offer a level playing field, allowing skills and tactics to dictate the end results, not skin selection.

The Fortnite community has always been highly engaged and vocal about potential improvements for the betterment of the game. In response to the Peely Skin issue, a potential solution could involve a redesign of the skin to ensure that the crosshair remains visible during all actions.

Alternatively, a setting could be provided that allows temporary transparency of the character model in the crosshair area. This would allow players to see the crosshair clearly at all times, even with the Peely Skin on.


Fortnite's Peely Skin flaw places this otherwise entertaining gaming feature in a troubling light. What was meant to be a lighthearted addition to the game has turned into a competitive disadvantage for some players.

The importance of crosshair visibility in shooter games like Fortnite can't be underestimated and neither can the need to quickly rectify the Peely Skin issue. It is hoped that Fortnite's developers will address this concern in the future updates, ensuring the game’s competitive fairness is maintained at all times.

It is an unspoken rule in the gaming world that the game’s character visuals should never interfere with the gameplay mechanics. The Peely Skin flaw is an unlikely glitch in the legendary Fortnite game's usual panache and needs quick attention.

A quick resolution of this issue will maintain Fortnite as a go-to battle royale destination that puts skill and strategy at the forefront of the player's gaming experience.