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Reviewing a video showcasing an astonishing fire trick and analyzing the scientific principles behind the spectacle.

There exist numerous videos exhibiting fascinating fire tricks, but not all grasp the viewer's attention like the one featured here. This video, showcased on the website Reddit, highlights a mind-boggling trick using fire and a specific setting for the display which amazes the viewers and ignites a curiosity about the science behind this phenomena.

The Spectacle

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In this intriguing video, a set of three burning sticks placed in a specific pattern create a dazzling visual spectacle. They are arranged in a triangle formation on top of a mesh-like structure. The combined effect of the burning sticks and the induced air flow form unprecedented shapes, enough to keep any viewer hooked.

"All skins have the same hit boxes!" some claim. But is that really true? Probably not. ImageAlt

As the camera zooms in, the orange flame is seen dancing and creating almost three-dimensional shapes. In some fragments, it's difficult to believe that it's a mere play of fire and not some special visual effect. The surrounding darkness enhances the brightness and colors of the fire, thus increasing the visual impact.

The phenomenon observed in the video relies heavily on the interplay of various scientific principles, mainly pertaining to physics and chemistry. Despite the fact that it seems magical, the spectacle is a display of science at work.

The Science Behind

The combustion process, which is the chemical reaction of a substance with oxygen, results in the release of heat and light, creating a fire. This heat causes the surrounding air to expand and become less dense, sparking an upward flow of air known as convection. It's this phenomenon that makes the fire rise and dance.

The arrangement of the burning sticks in this specific formation on a mesh aids in creating a controlled environment, in turn, facilitating enhanced air movement. This allows the fire to follow a defined pathway and create such distinctive shapes, while simultaneously letting the heat escape and keeping the fire lit for longer.

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The mesmerizing shapes and patterns that one observes are due to the heat-driven air flow through the holes of the mesh structure. These patterns are the consequence of a physics principle known as the Bernoulli's principle. This principle states that the increased speed of a fluid, such as air, leads to a decrease in static pressure or a pressure decrease.

When the air heated by the fire moves upwards rapidly through the tiny openings, the pressure decreases. This causes the flame to be drawn upwards in the shape of the mesh and form the fascinating patterns witnessed in the video, like a three-dimensional object in constant motion.

The Artistry in The Display

While the science behind the spectacle is intriguing, the artistic interpretation of this display is equally fascinating. The reddish-orange light of the flame against the absolute darkness creates an impressive contrast, which enhances the visual appeal of the spectacle.

The triangular arrangement of the burning sticks, coupled with the unique three-dimensional shapes created by the flame, adds a dynamic element to the scenario. It presents the viewers with an aesthetic experience where they witness the harmony between science and art.

One can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the fire as it dances, creating mesmerising patterns. The video, with its unique display of fire patterns, not only provides visual delight but also stimulates a deeper interest in understanding the underlying scientific principles.

This appreciation and curiosity eventually motivate us to learn more about the various scientific phenomena that we encounter routinely in our daily lives. It drives us to perceive the world around us differently, where seemingly simple events are embedded with profound scientific principles.


This fire show is a prime example of how captivating scientific phenomena can be when they are beautifully illustrated. It's a simple display that manages to blend art and science seamlessly.

Ultimately, the video serves as a reminder of the beautiful complexities hidden within the simple interactions of heat, oxygen, and air. It encourages one to keep an open mind and approach the world around them with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn.

All in all, this fascinating video involving an astonishing fire trick reminds us of the endless possibilities of combining science, art, and creativity to create a spellbinding spectacle. By bringing attention to such phenomena, we can fuel interest in science, particularly among the younger generation, and perhaps inspire the next ground-breaking discovery.