Warzone Struggles with Akimbo Snakeshot Revolvers Redux

A historical problem in Warzone has resurfaced with the Akimbo Snakeshot loadout that one-shots opponents, causing frustration amongst players.

The gaming community has noted a recurring issue in MW3's Warzone, the return of the Akimbo Snakeshot revolvers. This second appearance is once again causing an uproar amongst players, as it gives users an infamously lethal loadout with the Tyr revolvers that can effectively incapacitate an opponent with a single shot. This has led to heightened distress amongst players who must contend against this loadout.

The ability to kill an opponent with just one shot is something players of Warzone have always desired. The game developers have continually adjusted different weapons over the years to restrict players from instantly defeating their rivals.

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While there are a few exceedingly effective sniper rifles capable of taking down an opponent in one shot, such occasions are scarce. Shotguns, although they carry the potential for high damage, often require multiple shots to defeat an opponent effectively, particularly if they are slow to reload or are of the double-barrel variety.

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However, if one shotgun is not enough to get the job done, why not use two? This is the strategy adopted using the Snakeshot Tyrs. These weapons carry the same lethal power as the initial Akimbo Snakeshots from Warzone's past, triggering the beginning of a particularly frustrating period for many Warzone players.

As Warzone made its appearance in MW3, players were in an evaluation phase, trying to figure out which weapons would give them the advantage in gameplay.

The game developers, Sledgehammer, took rapid measures to balance the game. They launched a series of adjustments to control a whole host of dominant weapons since Warzone's inception. These modifications significantly reduced the power of many prestigious weapons and downgraded majority of Akimbo weapons.

Regrettably, one potential issue was overlooked - the Akimbo Tyr Snakeshots. Clips showing the effectiveness of these weapons at close range have made their way to social media. Consequently, players have rapidly switched from their rifles to the Snakeshots, causing havoc in the gaming lobbies.

One Warzone player, Rated, managed to eliminate an entire squad in only 2 seconds. Against opponents who were not equipped with their own Snakeshot revolvers, this play seemed virtually unassailable. Although there is a certain level of skill involved in making such plays, there is no denying that these weapons are extraordinarily overpowered.

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Given the recent series of nerfs implemented to make the game healthier and more balanced, it is uncertain how long it will take for the Snakeshot revolvers to be nerfed themselves. For now, it seems they will continue to rule the lobbies.

So for those players still clinging to their rifles, it might be wise to follow the meta. As long as the Snakeshot revolvers continue to remain unchecked, players might as well use them to their advantage. It's time to switch up the strategies, holster those rifles, and take up the Snakeshots. Get those easy wins while you can, for who knows when the next nerf will come?