The Comeback Call: Revival of The Small Map in MW3

This article discusses the recent demands made by MW3 players for the return of a surprisingly popular small map, affectionately labeled as the “GOAT”. In the history of Call of Duty , diverse small maps have left an indelible imprint on the players’ hearts. From visually-stunning multi-story structures to the pure artillery fields, small maps pose unique gameplay challenges that players find especially intriguing. Remarkably, as certain maps drip from the series to take a back seat, some maps find their way back into the limelight and into the players’ games, largely propelled by player demand. A particular small map has recently been getting quite the attention from the MW3 community, so much so that it is now being hailed as the Greatest Of All Time, short-handed as the 'GOAT'. This comes as a refreshing surprise amidst the line-up of small maps featured in MW3, and players are now voicing out their demand for it to rotate back. From 'Hijacked', ironically loved for its cramped quarters, to 'Nuketown', a crowd-favorite for its thrill-packed design, small maps have a special place in Call of Duty fanatics’ hearts. MW3, however, currently faces a request for the return of a small map that, contrary to its size, made a rather large impact on the players - a map that is now being loudly hailed as the ultimate 'GOAT' by the player community. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't too long ago since a post was spotted, touting an unpopular opinion about 'Meat' being the truly deserving 'GOAT' small map. It was cited by a player that 'Meat', in fact, exhibits perfect balance unlike its counterparts. Where 'Rust' was criticized for its slow pace and 'Shipment' was called out for its rushed gameplay, 'Meat' was seen as hitting just the right notes. Following this declaration, the post soon saw a flood of agreement. Players were quick to commend 'Meat' for setting a standard in small map design, citing its strategic balance between the extremely compact 'Shipment', and the stagnancy of 'Rust'. It appears that players widely appreciate the equilibrium 'Meat' maintains, offering both excitement and room for tactical planning. Historically, 'Shipment', 'Nuketown', and 'Rust' are names that have been etched deep into the narrative of the Call of Duty saga. These maps have reappeared frequently, their familiarity enduring through series and sequels. 'Meat', however, marks a departure of sorts in this pattern. One of the fresher additions to MW3, 'Meat' has managed to win the hearts of players, contrary to the norm of new maps facing initial resistance. More than just a flash in the pan, the resonance of ‘Meat’ with the community has been substantial and affirming. Described as the ‘best small map since Nuketown’, it even found favor over the famous 'Nuketown' itself. This is a stamp of players’ approval that brings ‘Meat’ to the league of unforgettable maps in Call of Duty history. The conversation not only revolved around 'Meat', but fans also brought up other lesser-known small maps to the discussion table. Examples include 'Mayhem' and 'Shoot house', signaling a broader conversation about underrated maps and their potential for re-introduction in the game's future iterations. Despite facing much controversy, MW3 brought 'Meat' into the gaming scene and with that, a gem that continues to shine. As demands surge for the return of 'Meat', it's clear the innovative map has achieved a 'GOAT' status in the hearts of players and has certainly added another feather in MW3 developers' caps.