Scump Takes Spotlight in Super Bowl Ad

Highlighting Scump's cameo in a Super Bowl commercial for Mountain Dew, and the ongoing association between Mountain Dew and Call of Duty.

Seth 'Scump' Abner, a famed Call of Duty professional, recently made a brief but noteworthy appearance in a Super Bowl LVIII commercial for Mountain Dew, alongside actress Aubrey Plaza.

The Call of Duty franchise and Mountain Dew have long enjoyed a mutual relationship, deep-rooted in the gaming community culture, and reinforced by years of internet memes and mid-2010s parody MLG video edits.

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It’s evident PepsiCo, the parent company of Mountain Dew, is well cognizant of the unique affiliation linking their beverage with Call of Duty's meme heritage. There have been cross-promotions between these two brands since the inaugural days of Modern Warfare 3 up until last year’s MW2.

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The recent Super Bowl commercial reinforces the enduring connection between Mountain Dew and Call of Duty. In this particular ad, Scump’s makes a cameo which adds another notch in their long-standing relationship.

Aubrey Plaza, famous for her roles in 'Parks and Recreation', 'The White Lotus', among other films, is the main face of the ad and plays a pivotal role in promoting Mountain Dew's Baja Blast.

Despite Scump's appearance being extremely short, it was momentous. Scump can be seen reacting on a live stream to Plaza's off-screen gaming antics, lending a feel of authenticity to the commercial.

This type of cameo stands in contrast to the highly publicized appearance of MrBeast in a previous Super Bowl commercial. Both cameos were brief, but fans were definitely able to recognize the faces.

However, unlike MrBeast who had a speaking line and was completely visible for an entire shot, Scump was limited to a small camera screen and his only dialogue was a brief 'No'.

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Although this may be the first time some viewers have seen Scump in a commercial, it's not his first appearance in a Mountain Dew promotion. He along with former OpTic Texas teammate Dashy previously starred in a MW2 promotional crossover commercial featuring NBA player Klay Thompson.

The aforementioned Super Bowl ad is yet another testament to the symbiotic relationship Mountain Dew shares with the gaming world, particularly with the Call of Duty franchise.

This commodious relationship benefits both sides - the game gets boosted recognition and Mountain Dew gets increased exposure to the gaming community, leading to possible sales increases.

Of course, it is also advantageous for Scump who, as an esports player, receives increased exposure extending beyond the gaming realm.

A cameo like Scump's helps solidify his status as a prominent figure in the gaming world and stretches his influence to audiences who may not be familiar with esports.

Advertisements like this denote the growing recognition of esports and its players. The fact that players like Scump or MrBeast can share ad space with celebrities such as Aubrey Plaza or sports figures like Klay Thompson speaks volumes about their rising celebrity status.

This level of exposure means big things not just individual players, but for the gaming community as a whole. It brings the gaming world further into mainstream media and culture.

Mountain Dew and Call of Duty have beautifully exploited the strong bond between energy drinks and gaming to benefit both parties, as seen in the Super Bowl LVIII commercial featuring Scump.

In conclusion, the relationship between these brands beautifully encapsulates the mutually beneficial dynamics of strategic product marketing and brand endorsement in the gaming industry. These partnerships are set to propel the gaming community into higher planes of mainstream recognition.