OpTic Dashy Criticizes Pro Players Over Snaking in Modern Warfare 3

An in-depth look into OpTic Texas player Dashy's criticism of professional players who use the snaking tactic in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Further exploration of the prevalence of the snaking tactic and its impact on professional gameplay.

OpTic Texas player, Dashy, recently expressed his criticism towards fellow professional players for employing the snaking tactic in Modern Warfare 3. This controversial technique presents an interesting aspect of player habits in Call of Duty , prompting further discussion.

Snaking involves a player rapidly crouching and uncrouching while moving behind an object. The ultimate aim with snaking is to become an elusive target for the enemy, making it almost impossible for them to take an accurate shot.

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The tactic of snaking began to gain prominence during the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League featuring Modern Warfare 2019. It quickly became a mainstay tactic, with FaZe Clan’s Cellium even becoming notorious for its application throughout that year.

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Despite the backlash and criticism, snaking has persisted as a prominent maneuver in Call of Duty matches. However, new developments could shift the paradigm. Sledgehammer Games, the developers behind Modern Warfare 3, stated in a Q&A session that they are actively investigating the issue of snaking within the game.

Dashy's Stance on Snaking

As the upcoming CDL season draws closer, Dashy took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the pervasive use of snaking. He went so far as to change his profile picture on the platform to an image of Flinn Rider from Tangled, surrounded by swords pointed at him- a metaphorical representation of his encounter with snaking adversaries.

In his tweet, Dashy expressed his underlying frustrations. “It’s actually hilarious what this game has come to with everyone snaking every possible head glitch. Zero pride or integrity left, but it is what it is,” he stated. His sentiment seems to reflect a wider discontent towards snaking within the community.

Dashy was not alone in his opinion. His statement resonated with other professional players and analysts alike, with many coming forward to agree with his sentiments. The discussions revealed deep-set dissatisfaction within the professional player community regarding the snaking phenomenon.

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“And on top of that, we have people using auto tac and single tap, which makes snaking even better,” tweeted Vegas Legions’ player, Standy. These additional techniques, when combined with snaking, have resulted in an inflated effectiveness of the maneuver.

The Professional Scene's Reaction to Snaking

Other players shared their frustrations, calling the movement 'boring both play with and watch'. This further expressed their distaste for the mechanic, demonstrating a real call for changes in the professional league.

A notable comment from one coach stated that it was ‘genuinely sad’ to see the tactical abuse in professional gameplay. The sentiment echoes the concerns of many other players who believe the game has lost some of its integrity due to these maneuvers.

While the game developers have noted the issue of snaking, they are yet to announce any official statements or updates about it. The Call of Duty fan base are eagerly awaiting any potential tweak to the system, particularly as the CDL season is fast approaching with a start date of December 8th.

Future of Snaking

As fans and players anticipate the upcoming league games, the question becomes whether snaking will be a continued tactic or will changes be implemented to mitigate its impact.

The pressure from the professional player community and the promise of investigation from Sledgehammer Games has certainly triggered a conversation about the future of snaking. However, it remains to be seen what course of action will be taken.

As the conversation around snaking continues, it’s clear that the dialogue within the professional Call of Duty community goes deeper than the game’s mechanics. It's evident that the sport's strategies and its evolution help maintain engagement with fans, players, and critics alike.

For now, everyone awaits the developer's responses to these claims and potential modifications to the game mechanics. The future matches in the CDL will surely be a test of these infrastructural adjustments and a spectacle to watch.