MW3's Augmented Human Bundle Updates

Discussing the recent alterations made in the Augmented Human bundle in MW3 with references to the loading screens and potential inputs of recycled content.

MW3’s Augmented Human bundle has implemented a fresh loading screen, rekindling memories of a calling card from its predecessor, MW2. This artifact from MW2 can now be obtained through a purchasable bundle, giving players an opportunity to collect nostalgic memorabilia.

Over the past few years, the in-game aesthetics for Call of Duty have observed a significant transformation. With a quick visit to the in-game store, players can discover numerous bundles. These offer unique opportunities to distinguish themselves on the battlefield. Environmental camouflage is now a thing of the past as players glow in Nicki Minaj skins or parade around sporting large reindeer heads.

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Contrasting with the traditional CoD warfare sense, this contemporary morphing has stirred divided opinions among players. Some gamers argue that this transition lacks authenticity, while others vouch for creative freedom and fun, insisting that stringent realism isn’t essential in a video game.


Nonetheless, there seems to be another hurdle with the store, and that’s the integration of recycled content from previous games. This element of recycling content has raised some eyebrows in the gaming community.

Among the collections available in the MW3 in-game store, there's a bundle known as 'Augmented Human'. For a price of 2400 COD Points, players can acquire the Vex Operator skin, a couple of weapon blueprints featuring tracers, and various cosmetic items such as charms and updated loading screens.

The hitch with this, however, is the similarity the loading screen shares with a calling card from the previous MW2. This didn’t sit well with some players who noticed the iconic calling card, free from the last year's MW2, being reused and sold in the new bundle.

Indeed, some players didn’t seem to mind the reutilization. Players voiced their indifference about loading screens, saying, “Who tf cares about a loading screen,” and, “They’ve done that a few times before, with even the same loading screens, just a different background.”

However, there's an overarching issue that seems to have been overlooked. The calling card being referenced was initially a free feature in MW2. Players only had to achieve 100 melee kills, and they'd be rewarded with the card - no money or points involved.

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This clutter of opinions and somewhat contradictory approaches to gameplay elements raises the big question surrounding the ethics of in-game purchases. Is it fair to charge current players for content that was previously available for free?

As we approach MW3’s Season 2, players and spectators alike are waiting to see the direction the item store will take. Will it continue the trend of reestablishing old free content as purchasable items, or will it veer off into a different path?

Will this alienate the more old-school players who value their free unlocked features, or will it provide an opportunity for newer players to purchase their way into possession of vintage items?

These uncertainties and potential controversies have led to a heightened sense of anticipation regarding MW3’s Season 2. With the possibilities of old and new intertwining in the world of gaming, who knows what lies ahead?

Indeed, the recycling of elements from previous games does not necessarily have to be viewed negatively. From one perspective, this may be a way of paying homage to the game's history, giving loyal longstanding players a taste of nostalgia.

Reintroducing older elements allows newer players to enjoy features they may have missed out on, leveling the game's history and keeping older elements relevant.

In the end, the recycled content might not be cooking up controversy in every player's mind. Whether it’s a freshly introduced skin or an old, genial loading screen, what truly matters to most is the intensity and excitement in the heart of the battlefield.

Let's keep an eye out for future tweaks and modifications as we step into MW3’s Season 2. May the best player triumph, regardless of the aesthetics of their loading screen!