Incorporating tac-stance in Modern Warfare 3

Discussion on the less-utilized but potent tac-stance feature in Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3, highlighting its potential benefits to the gameplay.

Recognized Call of Duty expert JGOD raised an intriguing issue on the use of the newly introduced tac-stance movement feature in Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3. He defended the feature and questioned why more players aren't utilizing this functional game mechanic in their play.

Even before the inception of Modern Warfare 3, its community had clamored for an overhaul of the game's movement system. Their calls were answered when Sledgehammer Games implemented several changes. Some noticeable improvements were seen in quicker mantling speeds, the ability to fire during and immediately after sliding, and extended tactical sprint durations, enhancing the shooting experience and increasing the pace of matches.

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The third installment in the Modern Warfare series saw the return of slide canceling, a widely appreciated movement mechanic first brought to life in MW2019. But the initial excitement for this returning feature quickly faded when players encountered a much-detested delay after the animation, which hampered their gameplay. Responding to feedback, Sledgehammer Games pledged to change the slide timing, a tweak slated for the beta's second weekend.

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As the gaming community fixated on issues with sliding and mantling, the new feature tac-stance went unexplored. JGOD, noticing the lesser attention, sought to explain why players should consider mastering this adaptable move which could give players a tactical edge.

The official version from Activision describes tac-stance as a comfortable middle path between hip-firing and aiming down sights. As players slide, they automatically fire from the tac-stance canted iron sight position. Even though it seems challenging at first, the side-firing mechanism provides a much sleeker bullet spread than hip-firing and worth practicing.

JGOD himself was drawn towards tac-stance because of several benefits. The combination of tighter recoil in addition to enhanced mobility and handling stirred his interest and confirmed its potential.

Explaining why players should halt the habitual slide-cancel spamming, JGOD clarified how slide canceling doesn't renew your tactical sprint. As such, it's not beneficial unless it's applied deliberately.

Rather than canceling the slide, players can employ tac-stance during the slide animation to surprise enemies inside a building or around a corner. It adds an element of unpredictability, catching opponents off guard, and can prove beneficial in intense gunfights.

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Combining tac-stance with an Infantry Vest and Tactical Pads can bring interesting results. The Infantry Vest boosts tac sprint duration and lessens refresh time. Meanwhile, Tactical Pads improve slide duration and full ADS while sliding and step up stance transition speeds. These combinations deliver a fluid movement experience within the game.

In his summary, JGOD stated: 'They added this new feature, and a lot of people don’t realize how potent and how broken it is. I think there are still some issues with it that need tuning, but I would say once it gets finalized, it will be one of those movements that’s crazy.'

As gamers gain more comfort with the mechanic of the recent Modern Warfare 3, it'll be exciting to see how player perceptions change. The innovative tac-stance movement feature, once mastered, could become a critical part of a player’s in-game arsenal.