Gamer's Disappointment in Most Recent Call of Duty Release

Comprehensive review of gamer 'Moistcr1tikal', real name Charlie White, and his bitter disappointment regarding the latest release in Activision's franchise, Modern Warfare 3. This explores his experience of the campaign, as well as the overall game and graphics quality.

Experienced player, known by his online pseudonym 'Moistcr1tikal', or in reality as Charlie White, expressed heightened frustration following the completion of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. He branded Activision's newest release as the 'worst Call of Duty campaign ever made.'

Modern Warfare 3, a product of Activision, was rendered accessible to pre-order customers as a playable campaign from the initial date of November 1. This included availability across multiple gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

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Enthusiasts hearkened and held hopes for the game developers' subtle hints about the return of one of the franchise’s infamous villains, Makarov. This stirred anticipation amongst players over Makarov's integration into the freshest edition of the wildly popular CoD series.


Nevertheless, Charlie aired his frustrating experiences with the campaign, which he deemed 'embarrassing', for the benefit of other players who were still undecided about whether the game would be a valuable investment. His subsequent verdict on Modern Warfare 3 was damning.

Accusations of an 'Embarrassing' Campaign

On November 4th, Charlie published an exhaustive video to his YouTube channel in which he shared extensive details of his thoughts on the MW3 campaign. The video was summarily titled: 'MW3 is the Worst Call of Duty Campaign Ever.'

Charlie's disdain added to the barrage of brutal feedback that the Modern Warfare 3 campaign received, with numerous negative reviews sprouting amongst the gaming community. Many players mistakenly left their critical feedback on the 2011 MW3 game, some citing its short playtime as a significant drawback. One viewer informed Charlie: 'Just played it, it took about six hours.'

“Yeah but that is for an ordinary person, I’m not a person, I’m a gamer, so I should be able to get that done in half the time.” Playfully defensive, Charlie replied to the experienced gamer's feedback.

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Charlie was left disappointed by the 'warzone,' or 'DMZ' style of the campaign, reminiscent and consistent with the style exhibited in the MW2 game. 'I’m assuming the whole campaign is just doing this sh*t. That is even more lazy and lame than I would have ever expected from Call of Duty, that’s crazy. It’s actually just DLC for Modern Warfare 2,' he argued.

Harrowing Verdict on the Game’s Quality

Approximately four hours later, Charlie completed the entire Modern Warfare 3 campaign. He described his reaction to the completion as 'flabbergasted', a response to the 'objectively horrible' MW3 campaign.

'Wow…holy sh*t that was bad […] that was worse than I expected […] This is without a shadow of a doubt the worst Call of Duty Campaign ever made,' he concluded.

But the campaign mode was not the sole recipient of criticism from the gaming community. Other elements of the release were equally berated by players who felt they were not given the quality they expected. They pointed out the poor quality of the graphics which were fraught with issues.