Community Suggestions Bring Compromise In Gunsmith Modifications

The renowned game Modern Warfare 3 has been the center of discussion, as some members in the community called for a complete teardown of the Gunsmith. Instead, the developers offered a compromise that seems to balance the differing opinions.

Some community members sought a complete review of the Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 3. However, the developers decided to balance this request by offering a middle ground, making some tweaks which they believed would be more impactful.

Over time, the members of the Call of Duty community expressed their dissatisfaction with how weapon progression and the Gunsmith functioned in previous releases. Vanguard was particularly vilified for demanding an average of six hours to unlock every attachment for a weapon, which players viewed as “ridiculous”.

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The second edition of Modern Warfare attempted to ease this concern by introducing weapon platforms, eliminating the need for players to unlock attachments for different weapons repeatedly. However, the seemingly progressive feature did not sit well with the player community. The game system was labelled as “mind-boggling” because it compelled the use of unnecessary weapons.

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For instance, to unlock an SMG attachment, users would be forced to level up a shotgun. This approach was quite counter-intuitive and discouraged many from engaging with the game more effectively.

In response, Sledgehammer Games reassessed the persisting issue and proposed a new approach in Modern Warfare 3. The studio decided to alter the system in a way that makes it more user-friendly and less time-consuming, thus enhancing the gaming experience for the players.

Apart from the new method, the developers also discarded the ADS speed penalty when equipping a 1x zoom optic. This change was crucial as it had been a bugbear for Modern Warfare 2 players.

In the third edition of Modern Warfare, developers have revealed that attachments such as Grips, Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks will no longer require players to use a particular weapon after they’ve already been unlocked for another. This update was welcomed by the players, who saw it as a significant leap in the right direction.

The overhaul meant that once a player unlocked an attachment for a weapon, they wouldn't have to undergo the same process for a different weapon. For example, if a player unlocked the Assault Stock attachment for the AMR9 SMG and then switched to the Riveter Shotgun, the attachment would be readily available.

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Despite the announcement of these quality-of-life improvements, the gaming community still pointed out some issues. A section of players wanted the revertment of the “overcomplicated” attachment system to the classical 'pick 10' system.

The 'pick 10' system offered a more straightforward way of setting up weapons. Players would have to make a choice of 10 items from primary weapons, secondary weapons, weapon attachments, grenades, gadgets, and perks. This simpler, more intuitive system was preferred by many players over the more complex alternative in Modern Warfare 3.

As the debates raged, Modern Warfare 3, despite its improvements, came under heavy criticism for its attachment system. A player argued: “Just give us the 'Pick 10’ system back. Why do I have to play chemist in building a weapon?

The echoes for a simpler gaming experience reverberated across different platforms. Another user said, “Just make it simple again.” In their opinion, the existing system appeared like a labyrinth that could be disentangled by reverting to the old system.

While some players clamored for change, others applauded the developers' efforts to address the community’s concerns. They felt the developers were on the right track, and this change was an indication that their voices were being heard.

With the Modern Warfare 3 beta set to kick off on October 6, things have started to take shape. It will be during this time that players will be fully acquainted with the new Gunsmith functionality. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so it is when players get hands-on experience of the game that true opinions will be formed. The developer has certainly made a bold move to enhance the gaming experience by adjusting the Gunsmith mechanics in Modern Warfare 3.