The Weakest Class Attire in Baldur's Gate 3 Game

A comprehensive review of the initial outfit of each character class within the popular game Baldur's Gate 3. We evaluate the functionality and adequacy of each outfit.

The starter outfits of character classes in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 affords players the flexibility to customize a diversified range of characters by choosing among several classes, each with unique starter outfits. However, there are disparities in the power and effectiveness of each class outfit. This article examines the weakest starter outfits in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Every character class in Baldur's Gate 3 possesses a unique starter outfit signifying their class. They range from flashy to simple designs, and they serve not only as aesthetic pieces but also provide immediate practical benefits or disadvantages to the characters.

The Weakest Class Attire in Baldur

The Rogue starter outfit, for instance, comes with a quaint design that suits its stealthy role. The outfit blends with shadows, allowing the Rogue character to stay out of sight while performing stealth tasks. However, it is not the strongest when it comes to hit points.

Starter outfits and their implications

The initial outfits of each class also have an impact on the strength of the characters. Classes with stronger starter outfits have an easier time getting along in the game, while those with weaker starter outfits may face initial difficulty before upgrading their outfits.

One such class with a comparably weak starter outfit is the wizard. Middle-aged man robes are the wizard's default outfit, which do not give any advantage to the users in the beginning and subsequently appear lackluster compared to the other classes.

The Warlock class also seems to fall behind when it comes to starter gear. The initial outfit consists of simple clothes that don't offer any meaningful bonuses in the beginning, thus making it one of the weaker starter outfits.

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Another class that receives a seemingly disadvantageous start, in terms of outfit strengths, is the fighter class. The fighter's outfit is intended for close combat, but insufficient defense levels might lead to frequent damage during battles.

Comparison with other classes

In contrast, classes like the Ranger and the Cleric show higher potential with adequate initial outfits. These outfits not only suit the aesthetic of the class but also offer practical benefits. For instance, the Cleric's outfit is comfortable and provides a wider range of movement, essential for their healing role.

The ranger’s outfit is also strategically designed. Its camouflage aspect helps them blend in with nature, providing an optimal environment for launching surprise attacks.

The circumstances created by the different starter outfits of each class lead to interesting dynamics and strategic innovations in the game. Still, the disparity of strengths between the outfits stands out.

This has led some players to question the balance across the outfits and probe into why some classes are disadvantaged from the beginning.

How starter outfits can be improved

Balancing these initial outfits across classes could serve as one way to address this disparity. For the Wizard class, for instance, a more magical theme would be more fitting. Moreover, adding slight enhancements such as a magic defence could give the wizard a higher chance of survival.

The Warlock’s outfit could be improved by allowing the outfit to reflect the mystic nature of the class. Possibly giving it bonuses in charisma or even a simple powerful aura could work. Adding some sort of power can boost the initial gameplay significantly.

The fighter could benefit from having a sturdier outfit with significantly more protection. A solid shield or armor taking the form of a sturdier outfit would make the fighter less prone to damage during battles.

Such changes could be reflected with an update or modifications. The overall objective would be to balance all the classes to ensure none is overly disadvantaged or advantaged.

Final Thoughts

The outfits provided at the start naturally shape the gameplay and strategies for each class, thus it is quite essential to ensure the balance in terms of strengths across the classes.

While comparing the starter outfits, it becomes clear that classes, such as the Wizard, Warlock, and Fighter, start with weaker outfits. However, gameplay is not solely dependent on these starting outfits, and changes can be made as the game progresses on

The initial outfits simply act as the first step or introduction to the character classes. This leaves plenty of room for improvement and growth throughout the game.

While the starter outfit might pose initial difficulty, the opportunity to upgrade the outfits along the game ensures that any player can make the most out of their chosen class.