The Unexpected Questline of Baldur's Gate 3's First Act

Unforeseen and violent scenarios are encountered through the initial act of the well-known RPG, Baldur's Gate 3. Unplanned alliances and extreme player consequences provide an exciting and unique journey for the user.

Baldur's Gate 3 opens with its first act that immediately immerses you into its dynamic world. In the initial part of the game, it asks players to make complex choices, such as siding with the Tiefling refugees and resident druids at Druid Grove or the goblins from the Goblin Camp.

The conflict situation offered by the game is evocative and engaging. The budding tension between the Goblin Camp and the Druid Grove engulfs you in the game's narrative, highlighting the struggle of tiefling refugees being mercilessly ousted from the Druid Grove.

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As is often the case with such open-world role-playing games, players have uncovered an alternate route where they can largely ignore these predicaments. This method is primarily desired by those players who wish to recruit a character named Minthara, without alienating their other companions, Wyll and Karlach. In most scenarios, if the player chooses evil actions, these characters typically depart from the player's party.

The Unexpected Questline of Baldur

However, there is yet another unexpected path that gamers have discovered. It is perhaps, the most extreme solution to the storyline's conflict, and quite possibly the most shocking resolution to this narrative.

It so happened that a player ended up resolving this intense dispute by mass slaughter. The player decided to destroy all possible game characters, which led to the inadvertent solution of the problem - a total annihilation strategy.

The unimaginable scenario unfolded when, after a victorious battle against the goblins, the player partook in a celebratory event alongside the game characters.

A harmless joke turned disastrous when, during the event, a character named Astarion made a rude comment. The player, in jest, decided to shove Astarion, causing a violent commotion at the festive gathering.

The seemingly harmless humor took a hostile turn as all characters present at the celebration perceived it as an act of violence and became aggressive. Interestingly, Astarion, although at the receiving end of the shove, did not turn hostile as he was a part of the active party during the event.

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Coincidentally, the player was choosing the Dark Urge Origin, which did not significantly impact the unfolding of the chaotic events.

That single shove triggered a chain of deadly consequences. The fallout pushed the storyline into a bloodbath, resulting in the deaths of all the tieflings, Halsin, Wyll, and Shadowheart.

No character was left untouched by the hostile event's repercussions. Wyll, who was revived after his death, immediately left after gaining consciousness. Karlach was also disgusted by the carnage and decided to abandon the party.

Moreover, the hostile events also cost recruitments and in-game relationships. The player lost access to Minthara as she was not recruited. Additionally, the characters that would typically become inaccessible due to Minthara's presence also departed.

The aftermath of the first act's resolution was discouraging. With the loss of multiple companions, ongoing hatred from the goblins, and unnecessary bloodshed, it was a tragic route. It was indeed the worst and definitely the most brutal outcome for the first act of the game.

However, fans of the Dark Urge Origin would likely find this route intriguing despite its notorious outcome. It provides an opportunity to explore the dark side of the game and fully embrace the essence of Dark Urge.

While some players might find this unexpected storyline intriguing and challenging, others should be cautious. The storyline offers players a host of diverse and engaging choices that significantly impact the narrative's course and eventual outcome.

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