Exploits Galore in Baldur’s Gate 3

Jennifer English, the voice actor for Shadowheart, watches her partner's hilarious gameplay in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3, with its unique brand of video game tricks and shenanigans, offers an impressive backseat gaming experience. The act of playing the game with a partner has curiously emerged as a favourite activity among players.

The game's companions serve as excellent comedic material during the gaming experience. Famous for their amusing antics, the voice actors for the companion characters have even started streaming their own gameplay.

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One such actor, Jennifer English, renowned for her portrayal of the favourite god’s princess, Shadowheart, was part of a hilarious stream. She was accompanying her partner, Aliona Baranova, the Performance Director, during her playthrough of the game.

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In a moment of unexpected fun, the couple entered into a humorous romantic fiasco with Shadowheart’s least favourite character, a Githyanki named Lae’zel.

Tensions between Shadowheart and Lae’zel is a staple of every Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough, as they always manage to irk each other. So, when Lae’zel decided to proposition Baranova’s character, English found herself surprised.

As Lae’zel extended her aggressively trademarked proposition to Baranova’s character, English was at a loss for words. She stood back as her partner took up the offer, watching a scene that defied the norms of gameplay unfold.

Amid laughter and shock, English recalled meeting the voice actor behind Lae’zel's character earlier that day. She and her partner chuckled at their colleague's authoritative commands during the encounter.

As the scene reached its climax, it was apparent to English that Lae’zel was 'not a cuddler'. Certainly, this realization left a feeling of raw betrayal in the air, adding another layer of amusement to their stream.

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In retrospect, it should have come as no surprise that Lae’zel would be the one to instigate such an engagement. This aggressive Githyanki is an essential component of Baldur’s Gate 3’s infamous 'Sex%' speed runs, thanks to her spontaneous character.

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