Baldur's Gate 3: Karlach Character Reveals She's Aware She's In A Video Game

Inside the universe of Baldur's Gate 3, a scene unveils the character Karlach being self-aware and conscious of the fact she's in a game.

A particular scene with the character Karlach near the end of Baldur’s Gate 3 has stirred up interest amongst players. It appears as though Karlach is aware that she's a character in a video game that is being controlled by the player. This revelation has led to various reactions from players, ranging from amused admiration for the developers to disturbing existential thoughts.

Karlach stands out prominently among the main characters of Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite her heart being technically replaced by an infernal machine, her attitude remains positive and hopeful even in the direst circumstances. This optimistic facade, however, cracks at an unexpected moment.

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During an unlikely moment, Karlach realizes that none of her actions are real – she's in fact inside a video game. This scene, likely created by the developers as a cheeky gesture towards dedicated players of the game, is uncommon, explaining why it took players quite a while to discover it.


Breaking the Fourth Wall in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 is a considerably hefty game, demanding hundreds of hours from its most committed players before they see the final credits. A substantial amount of this time is often spent on restarting saves and figuring out the best approach to overcome the challenges presented.

The act of repetitively loading and reloading saves might seem entirely normal to a player. Consequently, it raises thought-provoking questions about what it might feel like to have someone else editing and fine-tuning your existence and controlling every aspect of your life.

Karlach goes through a moment of startling realization during a scene towards the game's climax. She unveils this revelation in an interaction that is quite rare to find but proves rewarding for the most dedicated players.

The scene begins with Karlach attempting to look into your soul using a technique she's learned – one that allows her to identify if someone is lying just by looking into their eyes. However, as she goes to look at the camera, she looks into the player's eyes rather than the character you play as. The result is a rude awakening for Karlach to the harsh reality of her existence inside a video game.

Suddenly, she inquires, “Do you know how all of this ends? You, me, this adventure?” She goes on to say, “You speak like you know. But you don’t know. They know. And I think I know now, too. I want to know what’s coming, I want to know how this will end. Have you done this before?”

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Karlach then expresses her envy of the player living in a free world, outside the confines of the game, “I’m so jealous. I’m stuck here, forever here. In these tangled lines, in these hundred hours, or less, or more.”

After this interaction, she immediately goes back to her usual character as if she has no recollection of the conversation with the player.

Players have had different reactions to this unusual interaction, ranging from casual dismissal to fascination over the intriguing scene. Here’s a link for those interested in watching the full four minute conversation with Karlach.