Astarion's Quest for Araj Blood

A comprehensive guide on how to make Astarion drink Araj's blood without killing him in Baldur's Gate 3, the popular role-playing video game.

Beginning the Journey

Let us embark on an intriguing journey in the mystical world of 'Baldur's Gate 3' - a virtual realm teeming with enchanting quests, mind-boggling puzzles and powerful entities. One such notable quest involves helping Astarion, a converted vampire spawn, drink Araj's blood without succumbing to its deadly effects. With proper planning, cunning manipulation of game dynamics and clutch decisions, one can indeed help Astarion quench his thirst in the most non-lethal way.

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Step One: Setting the Scene


The intricate first step involves setting up the scene by initiating a private conversation with the enigmatic Astarion at your camp. Astarion, being your fellow companion in this adventure, has been bestowed with a mysterious task by Cazador - his vampire master - to devour the blood of the red dragon named Araj. It is crucial to show empathy towards Astarion for his task and promise him assistance.

Step Two: The Trail of the Dragon

The next step is a perilous journey as it involves seeking out a fearsome red dragon - Araj in this case - who is expectedly far from willing to part with its blood. Once you have located Araj, proceed cautiously, for even the slightest misstep could awaken the mighty creature and spell doom for your party. The aim is to approach Araj in the stealthiest way possible without alerting it to your presence.

Step Three: Obtaining the Blood

Upon reaching Araj, ensure your presence goes undetected by remaining hidden in the shadowy contours of your environment. This is where the Chalice of Araj comes into play. The chalice, bestowed upon you by Cazador, is just the right vessel to hold the dragon's blood. While Araj is asleep, quickly and quietly pierce its hide using a specialized weapon from your arsenal, and let the blood flow into the chalice.

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Step Four: Toning Down the Blood’s Effects

After obtaining a full chalice, your daunting task doesn't end there. Araj's blood is lethal to say the least. However, with the help of a powerful lich trapped in a magic lamp and a dose of 'Angel's Grace' - a potent potion known for its restorative properties - one can tone down Araj's blood. Find a lich with powerful magic to contain the blood’s lethal properties.

Step Five: Crafting Angel's Grace

While the lich works its magic, you must get your hands dirty too. The 'Angel's Grace' potion is integral to reducing the lethal effects of Araj's blood, making it safe for Astarion to drink. As the name suggests, 'Angel's Grace' is a divine potion, which requires ingredients like a vial of shadow essence, gulgul root, star dust, and an apple.

Step Six: Mixing the Potions

One needs a magic user proficient in the arcane art of potion-making. Once the ingredients have been procured, add each ingredient carefully into the cauldron following a strict sequence. The key is to mix the ingredients without causing any catastrophic reactions - thereby resulting in the 'Angel's Grace' potion.

Step Seven: The Final Touch

With the 'Angel's Grace' potion ready and Araj's blood successfully tamed by the lich's magic, you are now ready for the final step. Mix Araj's blood with the 'Angel's Grace' potion and proceed to the final stage.

Step Eight: Presenting the Potent Mix

Return to Astarion at your camp with the potent mix of Araj's blood and 'Angel's Grace' potion. Present it to him, emphasizing how it is safe for him to drink now. Don't forget to reassure him that consuming the mix should not result in any deadly consequences as you have successfully neutralized its lethal properties.

Step Nine: The Hour of Truth

This is the crucial moment of truth. As Astarion drinks the mix, one can only observe and hope for the best. If everything has been done correctly, Astarion should survive the ordeal unscathed, completing this complex and dangerous quest of Baldur's Gate 3.